How to Hide/Remove Tag and Categories from WordPress Post

Hide or Remove Tags and Categories: Are you suffering to Hide/Remove Tag and Category from WordPress Post? If yes! in this article we will help you to get rid of WordPress built-in taxonomies (tags and categories).

By default WordPress comes with Tags and Categories. Custom premium theme offers pre-built feature to hide/remove tags and categories from individual posts. But if you’re using a free theme possibilites are hiding feature is not available. Then how to remove?

You can remove Tag and Category from WordPress posts in various ways. Either by using Plugins or Shortcodes. Possibilities were endless.

Before diving to the technical part it’s recommended to get know about Tags and Categories.

What is Tag in WordPress?

Tag is one of the pre-characterized scientific classification in WordPress. Clients can add tags to their WordPress posts alongside categories. Be that as it may, while a category may cover an expansive scope of points, tags are littler in degree and centered to particular themes. Consider them catchphrases utilized for points talked about in a specific post.

What is Category in WordPress?

Category is one of the pre-characterized scientific classifications in WordPress. It is utilized to sort and gathering content into various areas. A site distributing content on an assortment of points can isolate their site into segments utilizing categories.

What were the uses of Tags and Categories in WordPress?

Tags help distinguish and order your WordPress posts. They can likewise help with website improvement of your webpage. In WordPress, tags are naturally put on the file and post pages in many subjects. There might be times when you wish to conceal tags in WordPress. This should be possible inside WordPress by utilizing the implicit editorial manager to expel the PHP code that shows the tags.

Remove tag and category from wordpress

To remove tags and categories from wordpress you can either choose plugin or you can remove using shortcode. In this tutorial we’re discussing how to remove tag and category using shortcodes in wordpress. So, later process in upto you. Though you can check this plugin you want to remove/hide tag & category using plugin.

Download Plugin

How to Hide/Remove Tags and Categories from WordPress Posts without using Plugin

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Goto Appearence.
  3. Click on editor.
  4. In the Right corner you will see many Theme Files like functions.php, 404.php, single.php, pages.php etc.
  5. Select (Single Post) single.php and paste the above code right at the end.

function wpse60590_remove_metaboxes() {
remove_meta_box( ‘categorydiv’ , ‘post’ , ‘normal’ );
remove_meta_box( ‘tagsdiv-post_tag’ , ‘post’ , ‘normal’ );

add_action( ‘admin_menu’ , ‘wpse60590_remove_metaboxes’ );

That’s it. Save your single.php file and you’re done.

Over to you

That’s all for now; in your WordPress Post, tags and categories has been successfully removed.
The whole process may look technical, but once you are inside the dashboard and follow all the steps mentioned above, it will be easier for you to implement.
This is how you can add remove tags and categories from wordpress post. If you have any further query relating how to remove tags and categrories comment down we are ready to help you. If you are benefited by this article Share this article on Facebook and other social media. Comment down let me know how this shortcode worked in your blog to remove tags and categories. 😀

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