Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger

Custom Robot Header Tags in Blogger (Blogspot Blog): “Header Tags” in Blogger is in-built SEO tool for improving search engine visibility for blogs/website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex etc.

A proper defined “Custom Robot Header Tags” can boost up your search engine ranking with better crawl rate by communicating with search robots. These search robots helps to promote your article in search result by crawling (scanning) millions of web pages. So, more you provide value in your content better chances are search bots will show up your article in the front page. So, adding proper “Header Tags” is very important to improve search ranking. Let’s dive in to read in detail about Header Tags.

How to Set up Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger?

I guess you’re a Blogspot blogger and trying different ideas how you can improve search engine ranking to increase daily organic visitor in your blog.

If so, I recommend follow this guide and enable “Custom Robot Header Tags” in your blogger blog. After an week you will see noticeable result especially if your blog is new.

Before setting up “custom robots header tags on Blogger” let’s understand the terminology and basic things about Custom Robot Header Tags, which i think is very important for newbies and some times for veterans too.

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Custom Robots Header Tags and its Uses

In Blogger, you will find these above header tags. Each header tags has it’s own importance. Let’s understand the terminologies:

  1. ALL – If you select this tag, google bot can freely crawl, index and show up your article in the search result.
  2. NOINDEX – If you select “NOINDEX” tag google bot wont crawl, index and show up your article in the search result.
  3. NOFOLLOW – Nofollow tag is for outbound links. No follow tag prevents google from crawling into the external pages you’re linked to.
  4. NONE – If you select this tag, then google bot will neither index your pages nor crawl the links.
  5. NOARCHIVE – When you search anything on google and notice carefully you will see on the right side just after the link ends there’s a down arrow. If you click that label you’ll see an option “cache”. If you click that label you can see google copy of that web page. It means that google captures a copy of your site in case your site goes down. Now, if you don’t want to show up “cache” version just select this tag.
  6. NOSNIPPET – If you don’t want to show up your text snippet in the search result. You can select this tag.
  7. NOODP – Open Directory Project or Dmoz is a popular directory of websites by MOZ. Sometimes Google uses information of websites from there. If you don’t want to list your website on MOZ directory you can turn it off.
  8. NOTRANSLATE – If you don’t want your blog to translate into different languages in different geo. Than you can turn this setting on.
  9. NOIMAGEINDEX– If you don’t want your images to show up google search/google image result than turn this setting on.
  10. UNAVAILABLE_AFTER– If you select this tag then your webpages will be deindexed after this time.

I guess now you’re very much aware of all the “Custom Robot Header Tags” terminologies. Now, we’re only few step ahead of completing the final step. Let’s complete that step.

How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags?

To add custom robot header tags in blogger follow the above steps.

STEP 1: Sign in to your blogger account and select your appropriate blog.

STEP 2: Go to Settings > Search Preferences > Custom Robot Header Tags. By default it’s disabled. Click “Edit” a message will show up “Enable custom robot header tags?” select “yes“.custom robot header tags

STEP 3: Now, you’ll find a bunch of check boxes. Don’t get scared. For a while it may look complicated. You can either select the above check boxes by reading the past described terminologies or you can simply copy by following my screenshot.custom robot header tagsSTEP 4: Click “Save” and you’re done.

◆ Last Word: Hope you are benefited by this article and learned something new. Let me know how this tutorial helped you to add custom robot header tags on search preference setting for improving your search engine visibility. For any issues relating checking boxes other than depicted in the screenshot drop a comment below we are ready to help you. Also, if benefited please share with your friends in social media.

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  2. Wow, this was usefull. Keep writing this kind of stories, you will get a lot of people to this page if you continue doing this.

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