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Meta Tag Generator tool For Blogger: Blogger Meta Tags and meta keywords are the most useful html tags which were responsible to rank high your blog on search engine for any keyword specific search on google. Most of the SEO experts and established blogger still suggest to use meta tag generator tool for all newbies to rank their blog on search engines. Meta tag for blogger helps to web crawlers to understand about your content by fetching the information’s provided via meta tag into your blogger in the form of some html codes.

For your ease to generate online meta tags, we created meta tag generator tool for your blogger blog. Using this free meta tag generator tool for blogger you can easily add generate meta tags and skyrocket your blog. Let’s get started!

What is Meta Tag generator Tool for Blogger?

Meta tag generator tool is a tool for blogger which generates meta tag for blogger. Blogger meta tags are the html tags which helps search engines to understand better about your content. Meta tag generator tool for blogger generates meta tags for blogger. Using our meta tag generator tool you can generate blogger meta tags and skyrocket your blog.

How to use meta tag generator tool for blogger?

For generating blogger meta tags using our meta tag generator tool for blogger just input your description (must), keyword (must), author (optional), robots (optional) and hit enter. Copy the codes and paste in your blog. You’re done.

What are the advantages of adding Meta Tags HTML code to blogger?

HOWTOFACT has recently discovered a way to generate meta tags for blogger for the ease of his readers. Use this meta tag generator tool for blogger for better search engine visibility by keyword specific search into google.

Meta Description

The meta description is an HTML tag, which looks like this in the HTML code for the page: <meta name=”description” content=”A page’s description, usually one or two sentences.”/> The purpose of a meta description for your page is simple: to get someone searching on Google to click your link. Meta Description has a limit of 150 characters, so explain your blog description under 150 characters using all major keywords. You can use this tool to write your description under 150 characters.

Meta Keyword

Meta Keyword are the focus keyword of your blog. Choose the focus keyword which describes best about your subject. For better result do some research using Google Keyword Planner (Free) and pick the best high cpc keywords and write SEO friendly blog post for your blogger blog and use our meta tag generator tool to create meta tag generator tool for blogger and rank your blog high on googles serp.

Meta Author

Meta author is just about the author of the blog. Just your name without using any special characters and your done to generate blogger meta tags.

Meta Robots

Meta robots tag is for search engine to define either google shoulf should crawl and index our blog or not. If you don’t want search engine robots to crawl and index your blog so you can simply check No follow or No index tag and if you want google to index your blog and crawl your pages select default setting as ALL.


So, this was the short tutorial about how to use Meta tag generator tool for blogger and how to create your meta tags using our meta tags generating tool. Hope you enjoyed using our meta tags generating tool. If you have any questions relating this meta tags generating tool for blogger comment below our team will replay as soon as possible.

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