Facebook Hacker v1.9 pro apk ~ FB Password Hacker tool download free

Facebook Password Hacker v1.9 Pro apk free download

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Facebook Password Hacker Pro v1.9 apk download for free

NOTE: This article is for educational purpose only. Don’t misuse or misconduct following oue informations. We don’t recomment you to keep install “Facebook Hacker V1.9 apk” in your phone. Our motive is to provide technical information on “How to hack facebook” using this “Facebook Hacker pro tool to “hack facebook password” just for fun. Don’t use this facebook hacker tool on public property, resulting may lead you to fall into trouble.

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What is Facebook Password Hacker v1.9?

Facebook Hacker v1.9 is a premium facebook password hacker app for andriod. Facebook hacker pro is a premium app but we are providing you the premium version of the app for free. Using this facebook hacker pro app you can crack facebook password in a matter of seconds.

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How to use facebook password hacker v1.9 apk?

Follow the below listed instructions to use facebook password hacker pro in your andriod phone:

  1. Download facebook hacker pro from the link given in the description.
  2. Install the app normally as you install any app on your phone.
  3. Open facebook hacker v1.9 in your phone.
  4. After opening you’ll see a columns “Facebook URL Victim” > Paste here the link which you want to hack.
  5. After pasting link of the victims ID click > Generate Email and Password.
  6. It will take about a minute or 2 sometimes 5 minutes wait don’t close the app. You’ll see a progress bar from 0-100% let it complete.
  7. Done, your victims password and email is infront of you.

Note: You’ll find tons of websites sharing Facebook hacker v1.9 apk download for free. But that “facebook password hacker” is not the original “facebook hacker pro” and at the end you are failed to hack facebook password. So, get rid of that fake crooks.

Download Facebook Hacker v1.9 pro apk file

Follow the given url to download facebook password hacker pro v1.9 for free in your andriod Mobile/Tablet. Click the below given link to download:

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The link will take you to it’s download page. Click the download button and download your facebook password hacker tool for free.

Specifications of Facebook Hacker Tool

  • You’ll receive Passowrd & Email in fornt of you in some matter of seconds.
  • It’s completely encrypted connection. So, you’re totally secure.


Don’t use this hacking tool taking any intention of harming any individual. Rather use this tutorial for helping your friends or family in case they lost their facebook password and they weren’t able to recover it. On that instance use this facebook password hacker v1.9 apk to help your friend or family, unless if you try to harm any individual resulting may lead you to lifetime imprisonment.

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