Drink green smoothies made with vegetables to keep the body fit

Drink green smoothies made with vegetables to keep the body fit

This thing was taught to us from our childhood that we may or may not eat something but we must eat green vegetables every day.  Vegetables such as spinach, mint, fenugreek, bathua etc. are included in the green vegetables.

Due to the presence of essential nutrients in green vegetables they are beneficial to keep healthy and at the same time they are also very low in calories.  If you eat green vegetables after cooking, if you cook them more, their nutritional value will be lost.  This is why it is better to make a smoothie and drink it.


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Nowadays, there is nothing better than green smoothies for those who focus on their fitness.  If some fruits like apples, bananas or pineapples are added to it, their taste becomes more beautiful.  Let us know what you should drink smoothie made from vegetables and how to make it ...

Drink your vegetables

Many days go by when we just make the vegetables disappear from our plates.  That means we don't eat vegetables for a long time.  In that case, if you drink a smoothie made from vegetables, do not miss any vegetables.

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It's easy to make 

It takes us more time to cook, it takes a few minutes to make this smoothie.  To make it you just need to mix green vegetables and some fruits.  You don't have to do anything else.

 It doesn't test as bad as you think

The taste of smoothie made from this vegetable is very tasty because of the very fruit in it.  Along with this, its nutrition also increases due to the fruit.

It is full of energy

You can drink it before or after your workout.  It will give your body plenty of energy and nutrition.

Make a smoothie recipe like this

Ingredients - Spinach - 2 children, apple - 1, milk or water - 1 cup, chia seeds 1 teaspoon and lemon juice - 1 teaspoon.

Method - Put all the ingredients in a blender and stir until smooth.  Serve it and refrigerate for a while