Know, why eat green vegetables and fruits every day?

Know, why eat green vegetables and fruits every day?

1. Fat reduction

Eating vegetables does not increase body fat and keeps the body healthy.  One study found that women who ate beans were healthier than women who ate beans and had a 33 percent lower risk of disease and cancer.


2. The fight against cancer

Green vegetables have many properties that make the body very strong.  It contains vitamin C which gives the body the ability to fight against deadly diseases like cancer.

3.  Low blood pressure 

People with high blood pressure should eat green vegetables regularly.  This will give them a lot of comfort.

4.  Increase blood

If there is a lack of blood in the body, green vegetables like vegetables are very useful.  Due to this the body increases iron and a lot of blood is made.  In addition, vegetables contain magnesium which also controls blood pressure.

5. Prevent cataract fungus

Fungal problems occur in many people before the age of one, but if you eat green vegetables regularly, the disease will come out in two to four years.  Green vegetables contain vitamin C which does not cause cataracts in the eyes.  Sprouts are also very useful in this case.

6.  Make the right cholesterol

Fruits like avocado are also very beneficial.  It contains a small amount of fat, which prevents cholesterol from rising in the body and keeps the body fit.


7. Low blood lipid levels

Edamame is a type of green crude soybean which is rich in protein.  As a result of taking it, the amount of Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron in the body becomes very good.  Because of this, body fat does not increase and blood lipid levels are maintained.  It is eaten as a snack in Korea, Japan and Hawaii.

8.  Antioxidants boost immunity

Green vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants.  It enhances the body's resistance to disease.  They also have antibacterial properties.