Fitness Learn 10 myths and truths related to fitness

Fitness Learn 10 myths and truths related to fitness
Source : Pixabay

Myth 1: Protein diet is needed to build muscle.

Fact: If you know someone who only eats chicken, egg whites and other things since the body only gets protein, be sure to give him this special advice.

Protein is essential for building muscle and increasing the body's metabolic rate, but for a healthy body, other nutrients like sugars, fats, vitamins and minerals are equally important.

Myth 2: Fats will make me fat.

Reality: Your body needs as much fat as it needs water.  Fat regulates many functions of the body and activates hormones.  You need all kinds of fats, saturated and trans fats.

Myth 3: Excessive practice is harmful.

Reality: The body that is in your mind does not become a reality until you start working.  As long as you get the right amount of sleep, food and rest, one hour of practice a day is not extra training, but very important.  Start working hard, then your fit body dreams can come true.

Myth 4: The amount of calories is more important than the type.

Reality: If you think that you can eat any calorie in any form and it will not make any sense, you are just as important as the amount of wrong calories.

A bowl of strawberries and kachuri will give your body the same amount of calories but their effect on the body will be completely different.

Myth 5: Lifting weights will build muscle.

Rality: If you are a gym fan and think that your muscles will only gain heavy weight, then your thinking is wrong.  The growth of your muscles depends not only on weight, but also on how much you exercise and how often you do it.

Myth 6: Sudden weight gain after stopping a workout.

Fact: There is no direct link between stopping an exercise and converting muscle tissue into fat.  If you continue to follow a healthy diet, it will not make much difference.  Muscle people also become obese with age due to reduced metabolism and hormone levels.

Myth 7: Doing cardio during fasting burns more fat.

Fact: In fact, the caloric intake before starting a workout has a thermogenic effect on the body.  So break your fast with a light breakfast and only then start practicing.

Myth 8: Running can be started at any time.

Reality: It takes a certain body shape to start running.  If you are obese, you may get injured while running.  It is best to start walking first, then walk briskly and then start running.

Myth 9: It is better to do stretching before exercise.

Reality: It is generally believed that it is a good idea to stretch before you start exercising, but the reality is that your muscles shrink.  So do stretching after practice.  After a lot of hard work it will be a good recovery.

Myth 10: I don’t need to eat healthy because I exercise a lot.

Reality: You can't remove the effects of a bad diet by exercising.  Your body and how you look, 80 percent of what you see reflects your eating habits.

If you think that you can get a great body just by exercising and not eating healthy then you are wrong.