Something About Cancer

Something About Cancer
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Cancer Infectious:

Cancer is not a contagious disease.  It does not spread like the flu or influenza.  It is not classified as a contagious or contagious disease.

Hereditary Cancer:

Cancer usually depends on your lifestyle (how you are living).  Alcohol, tobacco, certain chemicals, toxins produced by organisms and plants, and hormonal disorders can cause cancer.

Routine screening and today's medical technology can detect all types of cancer early:

Although regular medical care and treatment can detect cancer early, it does not guarantee a cure.  Most cancers can be detected early, but some cancers are not diagnosed until death.

As they move from one part of the body to another, a needle-biopsy (needle biopsy) or biopsy (cutting or scraping tissue from an organism for diagnosis or testing) can disrupt cancer cells:

In most cancers, there is no evidence that the needle biopsy has spread cancer cells.

There is a cure for cancer / There is a cure for all types of cancer:

A person can decide about the treatment after knowing the medical advice and alternative methods.  A person with cancer may not have any signs or symptoms of cancer, and in some people with cancer, a doctor may only recommend pain relief.

Cancer is always painful:

Some cancers cause no pain at all, which is completely painless.  To satisfy the patient, the doctor mistakenly prescribes a pain reliever, which has a positive effect on the patient's daily life.

Most lumps are breast-carcinogenic:

Most lumps are not carcinogenic.  Women should not be ashamed in this matter and if there is any such change in breast, they should seek medical advice for advance benefits.  Your doctor may ask you to have a mammogram, ultrasound, or biopsy to see if the lump is carcinogenic.

Breast implant increases the risk of cancer:

Women who have had a breast implant have a lower risk of developing breast cancer.  Diagnosing cancer on a mammogram may not always be accurate, so X-rays are needed to fully diagnose breast problems.

Cancer in negative mammography is nothing to worry about:

Mammography can often detect signs of cancer before symptoms are felt or symptoms appear.  Overall, 80–90 percent of cancers can be detected in mammograms and 10–20 percent go undetected.

Needless to say about cancer:

It is difficult to say anything about cancer.  Especially, when you don't know how to help you or how someone with cancer will take you.  When your partner, family member, friend or colleague is suffering from cancer, openly discussing the cancer and following the right course of treatment can improve the disease.

There is nothing wrong with treating cancer:

ET is a fictional concept and myth.  Frankly speaking, cancer treatment takes a lot to do if it is caught in the right way at the right time.  About 1/3 of known cancers are preventable.

There are no signs or symptoms of cancer:

It is true that not all cancers are diagnosed early, but early detection of cancer is important in many cancers, including breast, cervical, skin, colorectal and some childhood cancers.  Early detection of cancer requires awareness and education so that the signs and symptoms of cancer can be recognized.

How Cabbage Can Prevent Cancer

Some green leafy vegetables like cabbage or broccoli are good for the stomach, it has been proven for a long time.  But not very detailed explanation of the effect of these vegetables on the body has been given.  A group of British scientists is now saying that when these vegetables are digested in the stomach, they release anti-cancer chemicals.  Research on rats in the laboratory has shown how vegetables form a layer over the stomach and intestines.  Like the skin, the lining of the intestines is constantly changing.  A new coating is done every four to five days.  However, if this process is disrupted, it can lead to intestinal inflammation and even cancer.  The results of this new study suggest that chemicals released from certain cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage or broccoli, help to smooth out the lining process.

Prevent cancer from the kitchen?

Researchers have found that chewing these vegetables releases a chemical called indole-3-carbinol.  Researcher Dr Geeta Stockinger said: "We need to make sure these vegetables are not overcooked and overcooked.  It can then travel to the end of the intestine and change the behavior of the stem cells.  These stem cells help to form a thin lining of the intestine while controlling the inflammation of the intestine.  Studies have shown that vegetables rich in indole-3-carbinol prevent colon cancer in rats. Dr. Stockinger himself is now eating more vegetables by cutting down on meat.  If I am asked to eat something without reason, I will not accept it."  Tim Kay, a professor at the British charity Cancer Research UK, said: "The study found that not only are these vegetables high in fiber, but the chemicals they produce may help prevent colon cancer."  

Green tea to prevent cancer

Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water.  It is also known as medicinal drink or healing drink.  Tea is made from the leaves of a herbaceous plant whose scientific name is Camellia sinensis.  It was discovered in China in 59 BC and has been popular since 1820.  It spread to Asia from China to Japan.  Currently, tea is a popular drink in almost all countries of the world.  Tea is produced in about 30 countries.

  • The main ingredients of tea are:
  • Polyphenols,
  • Amino acids,
  •  and
  • Theoflavin. 
In addition, green tea leaves Caffeinentain thousands of ingredients, which are broken down during processing.  

Six types of tea are obtained from green tea leaves.  As-

  (1) white tea,
  (2) Yellow tea,
  (3) green tea,
  (4) Ulang tea,
  (5) black tea and
  (6) Post fermented or processed tea.

However, white, green, nude and black teas are very popular in the market.  However, as a healthy tea, green tea or green tea is popular all over the world.  Green tea is called a medicinal drink.  A variety of teas are produced from the Camellia sinensis species.  Although green tea or green tea is made directly from green leaves.  As a result, green tea is known as real tea.  Green tea is a very healthy drink.  Because green tea is a special anti-oxidant herb, which protects against many diseases ranging from cancer.

Researchers have found that green tea can prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, and cancers of the oral and esophagus.  Various virus, bacterial and fungal infections can be avoided by drinking green tea regularly every day.  Green tea keeps the mind fresh.  Prevents heart attack.  Obese or obese people can drink green tea regularly as it is effective in burning body fat.  Green tea is also very beneficial in reducing cholesterol.  There is no substitute for green tea to prevent oral cancer from oral health.  Green tea is extremely beneficial in strengthening the functioning of the stomach.  You can drink green tea to keep the skin soft and supple.  Drink green tea regularly for the beauty of women.  Green tea helps to protect the performance of the body and remove weakness.  In general, everyone can drink green tea regularly as the main herb for boosting the body's immunity.  In addition, green tea also helps reduce upset stomach, including arthritis, cold allergies and nausea.

Green tea should be made properly.  There are different ways to make tea.  Generally, in a cup of tea, put green tea leaves in a sieve and pour boiling hot water over it.  Then after two-three minutes remove the sieve of tea leaves and let it cool for a few minutes and drink.  If you want, you can also drink green tea by mixing ginger, lemon and honey.  You can drink two or three cups of tea a day.