Amazing benefits and harms of cucumbers!


Advantages and disadvantages of cucumbers

Cucumber is not a vegetable.  Cucumber is a fruit according to botany.  Because cucumbers are made from flowers so that they contain seeds.  Similarly, many vegetables are actually fruits.  Like- pods, capsicum, pumpkin and even tomatoes etc.

  It is good to eat fruits for such health;  So is the cucumber.  Today I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of cucumber.

Amazing benefits and harms of cucumbers

  15 Amazing Benefits of Cucumber:

  1. Removes dehydration of the body

  Suppose you are somewhere where there is no water at hand, but there is a cucumber.  Chew a big cucumber and eat it.  Thirst will be quenched.  you will be bright.  Because, cucumber contains 95 percent water.

  2. Helps in Digestion and Weight Loss

  Cucumber is high in water and low in calories.  As a result, cucumber will act as a perfect tonic for those who want to lose weight.  Those who want to lose weight, they will use more cucumber in soups and salads.

  Chewing raw cucumber plays a big role in digestion.  Constipation that has been going on for a long time is removed by regular consumption of cucumber.

  3. Heat absorber inside and outside the body

  Sometimes you can feel intense heat inside or outside the body.  Burning starts in the body.  Eat cucumber in such a situation.  Also, if there is a burning sensation in the skin due to the heat of the sun, then cut the cucumber and rub it on the skin.  Get guaranteed results.

  4. Eliminates Toxicity

  Cucumber water acts like an invisible brush to remove waste and toxins from our body.  Regular consumption of cucumber also dissolves kidney stones completely.

  5. Completes Vitamin Deficiency

  Most of the vitamins that our body needs regularly are present in cucumbers.  Vitamins A, B and C enhance our immunity and strength.  Crushing the juice of cucumber with green leafy vegetables and carrots will make up for the deficiency of these three types of vitamins.

  .  works to prevent cancer

  Cucumber-Solarici-resinol, larry-resinol and pino-resinol contain 3 ayurvedic ingredients.  These three factors have a strong association with reducing the risk of cancer in various places, including the uterus, breast and urinary tract.

  .  skin friendly minerals supplier

  Cucumbers are high in potassium, magnesium and silicon, which play an important role in skin care.  For this reason, cucumber is used for skin care during bath.

  .  keeps face clean

  Cucumber works very well in treating gum infection.  Place 1 slice of cucumber on the tongue and keep it on the tongue for half a minute.  Cucumber will destroy the germs present in your mouth by reacting specifically to the cyto-chemicals.  Your breath will come alive.

  9. Improves Eye Glow

  As part of beauty treatments, many people cut cucumbers into rounds and apply them to the eyelids.  Dirt accumulated in the eyelids.  As soon as it is removed, it also works to increase the brightness of the eyes.  Since it is rich in anti-inflammatory elements, it also works to prevent cataract.

  10. Diabetes Control

  Relieves diabetes, lowers cholesterol and controls high blood pressure.

  1 1  Keeps Kidneys Healthy

  Cucumber maintains the level of uric acid in the body.  It keeps the kidney healthy, normal and fresh.

  12. Refreshes Hair and Nails

  The mineral silica present in cucumber makes our hair and nails fresh and strong.  Cucumber sulfur and silica also help in hair growth.

  13. Relieve Arthritis

  Cucumber is rich in silica.  Drinking carrot juice mixed with cucumber juice reduces the level of uric acid in the body.  It gives some relief from arthritis pain.

  14. Headache Relief

  After waking up in the morning, many people nod their heads and move their bodies.  Cucumber is rich in Vitamin B and sugar.  Therefore, if you eat a few pieces of cucumber before sleeping, then after waking up in the morning you will not have this problem.

  15. Reduces Stress

  Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6 are found in cucumber.  Which helps in reducing anxiety and stress.

  Disadvantages of cucumbers:

  Cucumbers contain small amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  But a good food cucumber is also harmful for the human body when one thinks that eating cucumber alone can reduce weight.  Cucumber is considered the only medicine to reduce weight.

  We dieticians keep cucumber on the diet chart.  But eating cucumber alone does not help us to lose weight.  But many people take cucumber as medicine to lose weight and eat cucumber throughout the day.  Whenever he feels hungry, he starts eating cucumber.

  Since Cucumber is a low calorie food, why eat Cucumber any other low calorie food at a time to lose weight.  But at the same time your body will lack various nutrients.

  If you eat less cucumber or eat more than other foods throughout the day or if you feel hungry, then eating cucumber can cause indigestion, flatulence, gas, nausea etc.

  Eating cucumber all the time to lose weight for about 1 month will cause many misfortunes.  Lack of adequate nutrition in the body will make the body very weak.  Don't get the strength to work.  There is a risk of blood loss.  Low blood sugar can also cause headache and dizziness