Causes and remedies for hair loss in girls

On of the beauty of every human being is the hair on his head. However, it has been seen that many girls lose their hair at an early age.  Therefore, to stop hair fall, girls need to know the causes and remedies for hair fall.  And here's what you need to know about how to treat excessive hair loss.  Let us not know about the causes and remedies for hair loss.

 "Hair is the intoxication of the dark side of her hair" Thus Jibanananda, through his poetry, adored the hair of his beloved.  Hair is one of the manifestations of Lalna's beauty.  Therefore, the description of women's hair is found repeatedly in the works of various poets and writers.  How much poetry is there with so much hair, if those hairs fall at a young age, then what can be more difficult than this!

What is the reason for excessive hair loss?

Hair loss in girls is medically called androgenetic alopecia.  Girls hair can fall due to many reasons.  Usually girls have thin hair on the top and both sides of the head.  About a third of women have this problem.  It is normal to lose 100 to 125 hairs every day.  But when more than 125 hairs fall in a day and that hair does not grow then it becomes a problem.  If there is a problem of hair loss in the family then there is also a problem of hair loss.

Causes and remedies for hair loss in girls
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Hair loss in girls can be divided into two parts.  Anagen effluidium and telogen effluvium.  When hair loss occurs due to various drugs and chemotherapy it is called anagen effluidium.  And when the hair follicle goes into a resting state, it is called telogen effluvium.  The hair follicle resting stage is when hair does not grow and the hair falls out one at a time.  These types of hair problems occur due to various reasons.  eg:

  * physical illness.  Hair fall occurs due to any major surgery, anemia, weight loss, digestive problems etc.

  * Stress, overwork, death of family members etc and often lead to hair loss.

  * Thyroid or hormonal problem.

  *Diabetic polycystic ovary.

  *Inflammation of the urethra.

  * Taking pills for pregnancy, family planning.

  * Stopping menstruation.

  * Taking excessive amount of vitamin 'A', taking high blood pressure medicine etc.

There are other reasons as well;

Diet and hair loss  :

Eating excessive diet to lose weight often leads to hair loss.  For this, it is necessary to determine the food list according to the advice of the dietician, nutritionist or doctor.  Vitamin and mineral supplements should be included in the list of foods along with some diets. Taking excess vitamin A can lead to hair loss.  Therefore, if you want to lose weight, then you should consult a dietician, nutritionist, doctor and dermatologist.

Physical illness, stress and hair loss :

Physical illness, surgery and added stress are some of the causes of hair loss.  In such a situation, even if the hair falls out, then new hair does not grow and hair does not grow.  All the energy is devoted to healing the body.  So the hair falls out in disrespect.  In such a situation, the hair falls for three months, it takes three months for the hair to grow again.  This means that it takes six months for the hair to return to normal.  However, if the amount of physical and mental stress is high and chronic, hair may fall out for more than six months.  Hair loss due to anemia and thyroid problems.  So if there is a lot of hair, a blood test and diagnosis are needed.

Hormonal changes and hair loss :

Hair loss in women is directly related to hormonal changes.  Hair loss can occur during pregnancy or if you stop taking birth control pills.  This change can be seen within three months of the hormonal change.  However, with proper care, it returns to normal within three months.  Women's hair falls even after menopause or menopause.

What to do to stop hair fall in girls?

There are many treatments for hair fall in girls but the role of food is important to stop hair fall.  Now let's know-

Dab :

Coconut contains vitamin E and fat.  It retains moisture in the hair and makes hair healthy.  Drink a glass of coconut water daily.  After a few days you will see that the hair fall has reduced.

Cardamom :

Cardamom strengthens the hair roots.  Therefore, to make hair strong and healthy, include cardamom in the diet.  This will stop hair fall.

Amalki :

This material has been used since ancient times to maintain the beauty of hair.  It is rich in Vitamin C, which prevents hair fall and boosts the body's immunity.

Hair pack :

You can make and apply a hair pack at home.  You can use neem paste if you want.  Aloe vera is also very useful in preventing hair fall.

Onion juice :

Onion juice contains a lot of sulfur.  Applying on the roots of the hair keeps the head cool.  

Flax seed :

Flaxseed contains nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids for hair growth.  Regular use of flaxseed improves hair growth.

Drink water :

Drinking less water makes the hair weak.  So drink enough water to prevent hair fall.  Drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water daily will help in preventing hair fall.

Beet juice :

Due to lack of nutrition in the body, more hair falls.  Beetroot juice is impeccable in its prevention.  It contains many nutrients.  Which helps in preventing hair fall.

Coconut or almond oil :

Yes, many people apply oil on the head.  However, there are also rules for giving oil.  First, take oil in a vessel and heat it lightly.  Now keep massaging the hair with oil.  You will benefit in less time.