Every season requires special care of the skin according to the type of season.  Especially in winters, the skin needs a little extra care and extra care.  During winter the skin of our body becomes very dry and dry as compared to other times.  Such adverse skin behaviors tend to appear long before the onset of winter.

Before the onset of winter, the skin needs extra care throughout the winter.  Also, changing the type of routine you do in skin care also has many benefits.  Dave's dermatologist Dr.  What to do if you want to protect your skin in the middle of winter, says Alicia Barba.

   1/ Should exfoliate less

   Exfoliating is essential for good skin health and glowing skin.  However, keep in mind that exfoliation makes the skin very dry.  Therefore, the rate of exfoliation has to be reduced significantly in winter.  So it can be exfoliated once a week in winters," says Barba.

   2/ Need to use hydrating cleanser

   Apart from cleaning the skin of the face, the elasticity of the skin should also be taken care of.  So a hydrating cleanser i.e. a very flexible cleanser should be used for the skin of the face.  "Dry skin is very uncomfortable. Dry skin can lead to a bigger problem like eczema," Barbara said.  For this reason, hydrating cleansers should be used keeping in mind that the skin is not too dry.

   3/ Moisturizer should be used after exfoliation

   Exfoliate once a week in winters for good skin health.  Every time after exfoliation, you should use a moisturizer that is very good and suitable for the skin of the face.

   4/ Before sleeping, you must apply moisturizer on the face

   Night is the best time to sleep to make the skin soft.  So do not forget to use a little more moisturizing cream before sleeping at night.

   5/ Winter, of course, she has to use sunscreen at some point

   Sunscreen is needed to protect the skin from the sun when outside.  But it applies at all times.  Even in winter, the effect of sun rays and UV rays does not reduce at all.  Therefore, even if you are wearing a sweater, you must apply a good sunscreen on the skin of the face.