Benefits of wood nuts in hair and skin care

Benefits of wood nuts in hair and skin care
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Almond is a very beneficial edible seed.  Not only as an edible seed, but also as a beauty ingredient.  This is because almond is a fruit that contains medicinal and herbal moisturizers for skin care.  Almonds have many such properties that can overcome various problems of hair and skin. But our skin is very important so if we use any external cosmetics then it can cause many harmful aspects on the face.  That's why we should use natural things.  Although we all know the importance of almonds in beauty, but there are some properties that we might not know.  Wood nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals.  In addition, wood nuts contain dietary fiber that helps keep the heart healthy.  Let us know how beneficial wood nuts are for skin and hair. 

Use of almonds in skin care:

1. Almonds are rich in moisturizer as well as they are also heavy.  And this heavy moisturizer helps to get rid of blackheads, acne on the face.  Especially for those people who cannot use moisturizer on oily skin, it is very beneficial for them. 

2. Almonds contain vitamin-E.  So this vitamin-E helps a lot in increasing the radiance of the skin.  Regular massage of oil on the skin increases blood circulation in the skin, which keeps the skin healthy.

3. Vitamin-D is high in almonds.  When small children are massaged with this oil, the bones of the body become strong and strong.

4. Wood nuts are rich in vitamins.  It protects the skin from the sun and also helps in protecting the skin from damage.  People who have sunburn on their skin can use almond oil to get rid of it.  How beneficial is Vitamin-E for the skin, it cannot be said. 

5. Almond oil can be absorbed by the body very quickly.  Therefore, almond oil can be given at any time in place of body lotion.

6. Almond oil is a natural moisturizer. Cleanse the face including the eyes and massage counterclockwise all over the face.  As a result, soft and supple skin can be found.  Also it does not take off facial hair.  So there is no fear of getting acne.

7.  Wood almond oil contains fatty acids.  So it helps to get rid of any skin problems on the face.

8. Almond oil is very beneficial in removing dark spots under the eyes.  Apart from this, if you apply the paste on the eyes while sleeping at night, then the dark spots under the eyes will go away.  Wrinkles in the eyes, swelling of the eyes are also reduced.  Wood nuts are better than any good eye cream to remove the blemishes from the eyes.9. Wooden nuts help to eliminate wrinkles on the skin.  If you massage the skin with almond oil daily, then the wrinkles of the skin will go away.  Apart from this, if honey, lemon, wood and almond oil mixed together and used as a face mask, the skin will become glowing and the aging effect on the face will be reduced.

10. Wooden nuts also act as scrub.  Gently massaging the face with wooden nuts, honey and sour curd will do the job of scrubbing.

11. The entire makeup can be wiped off with a little wood almond oil to remove heavy makeup.

12. Almonds should be soaked in lukewarm water.  Mix honey and a little warm water in it and drink it.  Let the mixture cool down and apply on the skin.  The skin will glow.

Use of wood nuts in hair care:

1. Wood nuts contain hair-friendly mono fatty acids along with vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2 and B6.  Due to which wood nuts nourish the hair and make the hair strong.  Wood nuts rich in fatty acids keep hair soft, straight and silky.

2. Wood nuts contain high amounts of phosphorus.  Which helps in good hair growth.  Moreover, hair loss is mainly due to the lack of phosphorus.  Phosphorus deficiency is fulfilled by regular consumption of wood nuts.  Starting with the body's work, the hair also gets protein from the wood nuts.

3. People who have the problem of dandruff, mix almond oil + neem oil in the ratio of 1:1 and apply it on the hair.  Leave it on overnight.  You have to shampoo in the morning.  Hope there will be no problem of dandruff.

4. Massaging the scalp with almond oil with rosemary and lavender essential oil will reduce hair fall.

5. Applying almond oil, fenugreek powder, castor oil, coconut oil in the hair strengthens the ends of the hair, reduces hair fall, makes hair grow faster.

6. Wood nuts are found almost everywhere.  You will find good quality wooden nuts in Mustafa Mart, Uni Mart, Agra etc.  Domestic wooden nuts will cost 50-150 and foreign ones 500-650.  It is better to buy foreign and it is equal to 1 kg in a pack.

7. It is better that you make oil by breaking the wooden nuts yourself.  There are no chemicals.  Also the online page izdihar sells 100% Pure Wood Almond Oil.  Price 100 grams 400 Rs.  There is also Wells Wood almond oil, which costs 140-160.  Dabur wood almond oil is very good for hair.  Price 150-250.

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