Effective face pack for instant glowing skin

There is no end to our efforts to enhance the glow of the skin.  But if you don't sleep well at night or don't last the day well or get even moderate sleep, your skin often looks dirty.  And if you wake up in the morning and see dirty dark skin, then the mind is spoiled.  Looks like the start of the day is doomed.  And it doesn't matter if anything special happens on that day, the day is like clay.  Many people think that skin whitening cannot be done immediately and skin darkening cannot be removed, so what can be done.  Don't worry, there are some face packs that are very effective in bringing back the glow of the skin instantly.  Let us know today what to do immediately to increase the glow of the skin.

Effective face pack for instant glowing skin

  he will take the equipment

  3 tbsp rice,

  3 tbsp Sesame,

  1 cup water

  how to make face pack

  First wash the rice and remove it from the water, then mix sesame seeds and water together and soak them overnight in 1 cup of water.

  1. After waking up in the morning, the mixture should be prepared by sprinkling water on the rock or grinding it in a grinder.  Cannot be refined at all, nor can many large grains be kept in this way.

  2. Apply this mixture on the entire skin like a scrub in the morning and leave it for 2 minutes.

  3. After 2 minutes, rub it with light hands and wash your face thoroughly with cold water.

  4. If you want, you can scrub the whole body with this scrub for an instant glow of the skin of the body.  And scrubbing regularly in this way will enhance the beauty of the skin of the body.

  5. This scrub can be stored in an air tight container and kept in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.  However, it is better to make a new mixture every two days for better results.

  This quality is present in this face pack

  What might surprise many people is that using this pack will bring an instant glow to the skin.  So know its properties-

  A. Rice grains are used as a skin scrub, which removes the dead skin from the skin very well.  Also, it helps in restoring the original glow of the skin by removing the dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin.

NS.  Sesame seeds are a very effective ingredient for the skin.  Sesame oil has been used in beauty treatments for a long time.  The ground sesame seeds in this mixture will moisturize and moisturize the skin, which helps in increasing the glow of the skin instantly.

3 more face packs to instantly enhance skin glow

1) Lemon and honey mask

Take 1 tbsp of honey in a container.  It should be mixed well with 1 teaspoon lemon.  Then apply this mixture all over the skin and massage for 5 minutes.  Then leave it like this for 15 minutes and after 15 minutes the skin should be washed thoroughly with cold water.  Lemon will help in increasing the glow of the skin by bleaching the skin and honey will moisturize the skin and bring an instant glow to the skin.

2) Tomato Mask

Don't worry if you don't have lemon or honey in your house.  do you have tomatoes  It will work quite well.  A medium sized tomato should be cut in half and the entire skin should be rubbed thoroughly with the cut side.  Rub well and leave it on for 15 minutes to let the skin do the work.  Then the skin should be washed thoroughly with cold water.  The bleaching ingredients of tomatoes will bring an instant glow to the skin.  It will also help in getting rid of dirty thoughts.

3) Rice powder and milk mask

Take 2-3 tbsp rice powder.  Mix the quantity of milk in it and make it like a thick paste.  If you want to use powdered milk, then you have to make a paste by mixing jaggery milk with equal quantity of water.  This mixture should be applied on the skin for 15-20 minutes.  Then the skin should be rubbed well with the fingers.  Rubbing the mask will make it fall off on its own.  This will remove the dirt and dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin and the glow of the skin will increase immediately.