The face sweats more due to excessive heat than other parts of the body.  This problem occurs in almost all cases.  Excessive sweating makes the skin look dirty and oily.

And due to oily skin, it is seen that it is very difficult to do facial makeup.  Even if you apply makeup, after a while it will be seen melting.  And if there is a party or a wedding in the house, then the mood gets spoiled.

But there is nothing to be worried about.  This extra summer, beauty experts have come up with a few ways.  If you follow this then you can keep your makeup fine.  But let's know how to keep the makeup right-

   Firstly, before starting the makeup, the skin should be thoroughly washed and cleaned with face wash and cleanser.  Because if the skin looks dirty or oily, then the makeup will be in trouble.  If there is a problem with the skin, then the fear of melting makeup is also high.

   After cleaning, wrap the ice in a thin cotton cloth and rub the ice all over the face for ten minutes.  This will brighten the skin and help in keeping the makeup straight for a long time.

   Then choose a cream that keeps the skin cool and apply it on the face.  No matter how much makeup you put on without cream, your face will look ugly.  Or you can wipe your face well with toner instead of cream.  Applying a good sunscreen lotion will remove the excess oil and make the makeup last longer.

   Now you have to apply makeup primer first to prevent the makeup from melting.  Then many people put foundation, it can never happen.  Instead, apply makeup with the help of concealer.  When foundation is applied in hot weather, it tends to melt very quickly.

   That's why you can use only powder as a foundation.  Makeup is less likely to melt.  However, whatever you use, it should be waterproof.  Wipe off thoroughly with a makeup sponge.  Now you can give face powder over it.  Makeup will fit better.

   There are many people who keep a tissue in their hands while going out after applying makeup to keep the makeup right.  Don't forget to do this.  Because if you try to fix the makeup with a tissue, then the reverse can be bad.  Therefore, instead of tissue in the bag, put a makeup sponge or blotting paper.  With a makeup sponge, you can keep your makeup perfect.  You can also remove sweat from the skin with blotting papers.  This will not spoil the makeup.

   The most important rule of makeup is that you choose the color that suits your skin.  Women with fair skin should keep this in mind.  Many people may not know this very well. Today we will tell you some ways in which a green skinned woman can become unique with makeup.

   do moisturize

   Foundation does not want to sit properly on dry skin.  Moisturizer plays a good role in this.  Dry spots can be seen deeply on the green skin.  That's why a good quality cream is very useful.  You can do one thing.  Set, you can mix a little cream with the foundation and apply on the face.

   Use the right shade of foundation

   If your skin tone is brown then it would be appropriate to use a foundation of such shade.  Do not use too bright or light colored foundation.  When buying foundation, try applying it on the back of your hand or neck.  However, the modern rule of buying foundation is to mix it with the color of the forehead or chin.  Buy in this way mixed with the skin.

   Concealer must be perfect

   Concealer plays an important role in makeup like foundation.  Concealer in the right shade will not only hide imperfections on your face but will also give a beautiful finish to your makeup.  If you have dark circles or acne marks on your face before applying foundation, cover it with concealer.  Mix well with a sponge or brush.

   don't avoid the throat

   Makeup, but not just on the face.  Your throat but a part of the mouth.  Just like you have done beautiful makeup on the face, in the same way apply makeup on the neck carefully.  So your makeup will look absolutely fabulous.

   play with eye makeup

   Don't be ashamed to wear heavy makeup on your eyes.  But in such a situation, pay attention to the weather and time.  Copper, gold, green, burgundy are prominent in these colors.  Be sure to shape the inner corners of the eyes and eyebrows.  By doing this your eyes will speak your mind.  As an eyeliner, you can give preference to green, blue and purple colors.

   darken blush

   Brown women are very lucky when it comes to blush.  Because the color play is quite strong in this case.  Feel free to use these colors peach, coral, orange, pink.  It would be wise to avoid the light brown color.  If you have a party at night, then you can use it quite carefully.

   use dark lipstick

   Give preference to any dark color rather than a light one.  Be friends with shades of brown, red, magenta, purple.  Maroon and various brick sheds will also be quite comfortable for you.  Avoid any color that is lighter than your skin tone.  You can use nude shades but it should match your complexion.

   Lastly, apply makeup on the face with light baby powder or face powder.  If you can do makeup according to the rules in this way, then you will not feel hot but soft.  You will be Ananya among all.

   Initially it was used for party makeup but now many people use highlighter for regular makeup.


   In the case of makeup, always mixing one cosmetic with another gives good results.  Mix a small amount of liquid highlighter with your daily foundation and apply it to your skin.  This will give a different glow to the skin.  This method is ideal for those who do not like matte foundation and want to avoid oiliness.

   Oil Magic:

   Apply a shade lighter than skin color on the upper part of the face such as the cheekbones, nose, forehead, lips and chin.  Now take a few drops of facial oil in a wet sponge and mix it with the concealer skin.  The concealer will blend in with the skin easily and add a distinct glow as well.

   lip gloss for skin:

   This method is very effective for those who like to highlight makeup, even if it sounds strange.  If you still don't get the desired glow after using powder or liquid highlighter, blend the desired glow with your fingers on the upper part of the cheekbones.  Use powder highlights on it.

   Blush To Glow:

   'Illuminating Blush' can be opted for Matte Powder Blush.  If you want, you can color the blush of your choice separately.  It will bring a light pink tint to the cheeks as well as glow.

   Contour Contrast:

   For some time now, makeup lovers are adopting the method of contouring to make their face look beautiful.  However, the opposite can be done if you wish.  In other words, many similar results can be achieved by mixing a darker shade of concealer with a lighter shade on the upper parts of the face.