Before applying makeup, 4 special things have to be taken care of, but you can carry your makeup throughout the day.

   1. Proper Selection of Makeup Tools

   When you buy makeup products, you should buy according to your skin type and skin tone.  Because there are different products available for every skin type, if you have oily skin and you are using normal skin makeup then it will not last long by any means.  Therefore, before buying makeup tools, first know about your skin type.  Then know the product thoroughly and buy the product you need

   2. Remove dirt from skin

   If we have oil, sweat, dust and dirt on our face, then we will apply makeup on it, but the makeup will not be able to sit properly on the skin.  And in no time it will start getting worse, so makeup should never be done without cleaning the skin, so first wash your face with fresh wash, then clean your T-zone thoroughly with a scrubber.  Then apply toner with cotton, this will clean your skin from inside to outside and the makeup will mix well with the face and it will last for a long time.

   3. Make skin soft

   When the face is clean, wipe the face and apply a piece of ice on your face, lips and eyelids.  It will cool your skin from the inside out and reduce sweating after applying ice wipe it with a soft cloth and apply a light moisturizer on the face then wait at least 10 minutes this is because after applying moisturizer it is absorbed into the skin  Penetrates and makes the skin soft and clogs the skin pores and it takes some time.  It makes your skin suitable for makeup and makeup does not penetrate the pores of the skin.  As a result, it stays set on your skin for a long time but do not forget to moisturize both your lips

   4. Apply Primer and Foundation

   Now the time has come to start the makeup i.e. primer and then foundation should be applied, although nowadays long lasting primer and foundation and water proof foundation are available in the market.  In such a situation, you can use 'Lakme' or 'Maybelline' products.  Therefore, apply foundation only after applying the primer, remember that do not rub the foundation by hand in any way, it should be mixed well with the skin, then you can apply the rest of the makeup, however, use a makeup brush in such a situation.  Then it will blend better with the skin and last longer. Also apply face powder on the lower part of the eyes so that there is no stain on the eyes. To make the eye makeup last for a long time, also apply concealer lip liner before applying lipstick.  Apply and apply good and long lasting lipstick.  After applying lip liner, apply powder on the lips and after removing the excess powder, apply lipstick or lipgloss, this will keep your lipstick like this for a long time.