Nowadays there are many people who have swelling under their eyes.  And sometimes it is black.  We all know this problem by the name of eye bags.  Many of you must have heard the name of dark circle.  Why this is so, many would know.

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Let us know why there is an eye bag and what are the ways to reduce it. 

Reason 1 - If you do not sleep well

It is normal to have puffy eyes if you do not sleep properly.  People who keep awake for no reason and think that I will take 2-3 hours of sleep a day, but I am doing it wrong.  Due to not getting enough sleep at night, the body starts maintaining ayni.  Which is called 'water retention'.  And due to water retention, unwanted water gets accumulated in the body.  As a result, many people's face swells throughout the day or even puffiness under the eyes.  Due to this irregularity going on year after year, this eye bag of the eye becomes permanent.  Due to this, fatigue is seen on the face and it also looks more age.

What to do?

As a rule, you should sleep 7-8 hours every night.  The habit of sleeping during the day should be completely abandoned.  And you have to accept it.

   Reason 2 - Very rapid weight loss

   You may have lost weight very quickly by following the military diet.  You might not know that the extra water weight in the body has suddenly disappeared.  So what if the water leaves the body then the skin will become loose.  And at the same time the body is trying to make up for the loss of water lost.  And to fill this water, in a few days, an eye bag will be made by collecting water in the loose part of the eyes.  Anyone who has never had an eye bag can suddenly make one.

   What to do?

   So you understand, there is no way to go on a military diet.  Never lose more than three kilograms in a month.  If so, then you will get free eye bags along with weight loss.

   Reason 3 - Eating too much salt

   A healthy person does not need to eat more than 1 teaspoon of salt daily.  And the salt that is used in cooking is also in it.  Not only this, salt is used in fast food or in any restaurant like chicken fry, french fry, glass cold drink, whether it is test salt or normal salt.  So you know how much extra salt you are consuming while playing outside.  And the more salt that enters your body, the more water will accumulate.  And the accumulation of this water will make your eye bag.

   What to do?

   If your face is unusually swollen or drooping under your eyes, check how much salt you're eating outside throughout the day and stop eating raw salt at any meal, but it can also raise your blood pressure.  Is.

   Reason 4 - Hormone levels rise and fall

   Eye bags are actually formed under the eyes for two reasons.  One is due to excess water accumulation, and the other is due to the accumulation of fat in that particular area of ​​the eye.  At times when hormone levels in the body rise and fall, both water and fat can accumulate in the body.  This can cause problems like eye bags.

   What to do?

   You can check your symptoms for all the major hormonal changes like menopause, PCOS, thyroid, pregnancy.  It is not possible to control hormones completely.  And even if it does, it may not solve your eyebrow problem permanently.  However, you can get rid of eye bags forever by removing the fat deposited under the eyes with surgery.  However, you should talk to a good doctor or dermatologist before taking this treatment.

   Reason 5 - If there is a hereditary problem

   If your parents or grandparents have an eye bag, you may have a chance.  Which is a very common thing.  There is no solution to this problem.

   What to do?

   There is only one solution for this and that is fat removal and botox.

   some suggestions -

   1. Never use thick cream on the face before sleeping at night.  If you use this cream, you will wake up in the morning and see that your face has become another face with puffy eyes.  Therefore, use eye gel at night without applying cream.

   2. Aloe vera gel or eye gel is refrigerated and then this cold gel is used to control inflammation.

   3. Refrigerate two tablespoons or used tea bags.  Even if it is only for 5 minutes in the morning, place a spoon or cold bag on both the eyes and you will get good results.

   4. Make sure you drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day.  The more water you drink, the more your body fat will be cut and the extra water will come out.  Also, eat lemon juice or sour rice and if possible, eat 2-3 cups of green tea too.