At present, except serious Kovid-19 patients, others are not being treated in the hospital.  Other Kovid-19 victims are being treated at home!

However, those who are undergoing treatment at home;  Those corona patients need to keep an eye on whether the oxygen level in their body is right or not.

When the oxygen level in the body starts decreasing;  Since then the patient's condition may be critical.  But how do you know that the oxygen level of the body has started decreasing?

  shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is a common symptom in COVID-19 patients.  However, not every corona patient suffering from shortness of breath needs to be hospitalized immediately. Recently the Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) said.  Randeep said oxygen therapy is not needed for shortness of breath except in the elderly and the critically ill.

What is oxygen saturation?

Oxygen saturation is the level (percentage) of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood.  Which transfers from the lungs to various organs and helps maintain vital function.  If the oxygen level is above 94, the patient is safe.


  However, at any point in time the supply of oxygen to the body of a person affected by Kovid can start decreasing rapidly.  The SARS Cove-2 virus can cause widespread inflammation in the lungs.  Which produces a vitreous opacity (seen through CT scans and X-rays).  Which affects the supply of oxygen-rich blood in the body.

  If the oxygen level is below 94;  Then the symptoms of hypoxemia will appear in the body.  If the oxygen level continues to drop below 90;  So the patient should be taken to the hospital immediately.

  Which Kovid-19 patient needs oxygen?

  When the oxygen level in the body starts decreasing, along with shortness of breath and chest pain, the patient needs oxygen immediately.

  Now that there is no rush of corona patients in hospitals;  So that he can take oxygen at home and give it to the patient.  Some other symptoms are;  Which should be immediately taken to the hospital if found in the patient's body-

  blue lips/facial discoloration

  As the oxygen level in the body starts decreasing, the lips start turning blue.  Also the face turns pale.  In addition, the tip of the finger may turn blue, in fact the oxygen level is reduced.

  Pain in chest

  Low oxygen levels can cause chest pain and shortness of breath.  The symptoms which are seen in the patient's body during this time are:

  >chest pain

  >shortness of breath

  > a feeling of pressure in the chest

  >recurrent cough

  > instability

  > Headache

  The appearance of these symptoms means that the patient is in a critical condition;  He needs to be taken to the hospital.

  confusion, delirium, fainting

  As oxygen levels begin to drop, blood flow to the main blood vessels of the brain decreases.  This can cause neurological problems such as confusion, delirium, dizziness, weakness and seeing something before the eyes.

  Several new studies have shown that about 72 percent of hospitalized patients have moderate and severe covid neurological complications.