What is Neuralink and how will it be implanted in the brain?

Chips in the human brain, everything that people think will float on a computer screen.  Scientists have initially succeeded in installing this chip in the human brain.

With the advancement of technology, now we are getting any information very easily.  In data processing we type manually or use voice but now we will go one step ahead.  Everything you think will become information.  This technique will help us to cure various diseases.  It will also help in increasing our brain power.  Keeping this chip in mind will help people become better drivers and manage life.

There are many people who forget to talk after some time or are unable to attend the meeting or seminar.  In his case this chip will be very effective.  When a person tries to retain the information in the brain, the words will also be saved in this device for memorization.

You can't believe what's going to happen next.  The microchip being implanted with the human brain will be directly connected to the computer.  It will make people more intelligent and solve complex problems.  Artificial intelligence will help in doing all this.  The person who invented Artificial Intelligence is Elon Musk.  His discovery is gaining worldwide fame.  He started two more projects.  Now he has a worldwide reputation for Tesla and SpaceX.  He also started another project called Neuralink.

According to Indian technology media, projects like Neuralink will implant microchips in the human brain.  As a result, people will connect to Artificial Intelligence.  Due to which people can do complex and difficult calculations very easily.

What is Neuralink and how will it be implanted in the brain?

Neuralink is a device that will be surgically implanted in the human brain.  With this you will be able to connect to any machine and operate the machine.

Neuralink was founded in 2016.  This technique will serve as a way to heal a head injury or brain trauma.  This chip will analyze the electrical signals of the human brain and arrive at a solution that will work to cure various diseases.  The project has been working on how to develop it since its inception.

In the human brain, a chip called n1 is 6 mm.  The bus would be fitted into the shell and would have several wire housing electrodes and insulation for the wires.  The device the company is developing involves a tiny probe that attaches more than 3,000 electrodes to a thread thinner than a human hair, which can monitor the activity of 1,000 brain neurons.

These wires will be placed without bloodshed with the help of robots.  The agency said the cable would be as thick as a neuron and about .24 inches.

Now no such chip has been implanted in the human brain.  Three pigs were experimentally implanted in their brains.  Elon Musk said that such surgery would not cost much