Why eat little salt and what are the benefits of eating little salt?

What is Bit Lowbon?

Bit lobon is a type of mineral that has a black or pinkish tint.We almost all eat a little bit of salt.  Do not eat a little salt while eating nuts.  Do you know what ingredients salt is made of?

  Little Salt Ingredients:

  1. Sodium Chloride

  2. Small amount of sodium sulfate

  3. Sodium Bisulfate

  4. Sodium Bisulfite

  5. Sodium Sulfide

  .  iron

  .  Magnesium

  .  Ferric Oxide, Ferrous Sulphate

  9. Fluori

  10. Iron Sulfide and Hydrogen Sulfide

  The salt that is made from all these ingredients is called bit salt.

  Rules for eating a little salt

  Drinking a little salt mixed with warm water every morning keeps the body healthy.  Also, diabetic patients should eat a little salt instead of white salt.

  little salt recipe

  A little salt or black salt is a type of mineral salt.  Pieces of salt are extracted from the mountains.  It is found in the volcanoes and natural elements of the Indian subcontinent.  After being removed from the mine, the powder is made by machine.  Apart from this, those who sell nuts or cut fruits, they buy small pieces of salt from the market and grind them in the salad and cut them to enhance the taste of the fruit.  Beetroot salt is also given in different brands of spices to keep the taste quality right.

  Benefits of eating a little salt

  In general, a little salt is more beneficial than the salt we always eat.  Beet salt is rich in nutrients and minerals.  By playing a little salt regularly, the bones in the body are strengthened.

  Beneficial properties of bit frankincense

  1. Constipation complaint

  2. Cures stomach acidity or gastric problems

  3. Reduces body weight

  4. Reduces Constipation

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  The benefits of bit salt are discussed in detail below:

  digestive problems

  The problem of digestion is removed by regular consumption of frankincense.

  Acidic stomach problem or gastric healing

  A little salt helps in the production of bile juice in the liver.  A little salt is very useful in curing stomach gas or acidity.  A little salt controls the acid level in the stomach.

  digestive problems

  If your digestion is not good or your digestive system is bad then you can eat a little salt.

  Also, a little salt keeps blood cholesterol under control.  Regulates blood clotting.  Hair care and a little salt are used.

  Disadvantages of eating a little salt

  Bit lowbon has both advantages and disadvantages.  Let us know what are the disadvantages of eating too much salt.

  Some food items have become very popular with us now like Phuchka, Chapati, Panipuri, Salad, and there are many other food items in which a little salt is added.  Do you know which toxins are entering our body from this food?  A little salt is kind of toxic.  Eating too much of this type of food can make you sick within a few days.

price of salt:

The cost of bit salt is Rs 1300 per kg and Rs 75 for 500 grams