How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021

How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021
How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021

To open a channel on YouTube, first you have to sign in here. After signing in, if the screen in front of you as shown in the picture below, then click on the part marked in red color (My Channel).

Now click on the option of Profile Picture in the right corner of the screen in front of you.  After that click on YouTube Settings option.

Now look at the very bottom of this new screen, click on the option called Create a new channel.

Enter your channel name in the box.  In Category, select the type of channel you want to open.  Now tick "I agree to the page term" and press Done.

Your channel has been created.  Now you need to make all necessary bed according to the instructions suitable thumbnail image, cover etc.  I hope you can do these things on your own.  When it's all done, start uploading your videos.

To upload a video, first press the Videos tab.  Then click on Upload a Video text.  Then select the video of your choice and upload it to your newly created YouTube channel.

What is YouTube Marketing and Why?

We all know that YouTube is a video sharing site and among all the video sharing sites in the world, YouTube is the most popular and user-friendly.  YouTube marketing is all about presenting a product or service to them by uploading and sharing videos on YouTube.  In a word, marketing a product or service through YouTube videos is called YouTube marketing.

Why do YouTube Marketing?

There are many ways to do online marketing.  Of these, YouTube marketing has become the most popular now.  There are many reasons for its popularity.

Firstly, marketing on YouTube can get you traffic very fast.  Which, made the video an overnight sensation.  You don't need to spend any money on YouTube.

And the biggest reason why YouTube marketing is so popular these days is because of the various updates of SEO ranking, those who are marketing with review sites their ranking is continuously falling but YouTube is free from this effect.  Or when they're concerned about usage, they go to YouTube to find out what the product looks like or how to use it, and so in the developed world, most people who visit YouTube buy something after that.  Because of which YouTube is the base of buyers.

10 ways to watch and subscribe to your YouTube channel

1. Create an engaging channel trailer that introduces you and your channel so that someone can actually auto-play in your channel home.  It plays a big role in giving you rights over your videos.

2. Provide strong call-to-action with a large annotation at the end of the video.

3. Apart from creating trending video content, create some video content that never gets old.  Trending videos work fast to get some views, but you also need to keep your channel memorable.  There is no chance that the revenue of your channel will stop suddenly.  And it also helps in Google ranking.

4. Put a subscribe button on your blog too.  It's better if it's next to the embedded video.

5. In some cases, people search only with long-tail keywords.  So if you make a video like this, you'll be using a long-tail description.  It will have some ideas from people who are very interested in it.

6. You can use the YouTube widget on your site or blog.  Tint is a great tool for this kind of job.

7. Ask your audience to like it.  Because as in video informs YouTube that your video is popular, so it is prominent in YouTube search.

8. Always check and respond to comments on your videos.  This way your audience subscribers will understand that you are honest with them and YouTube will also understand that you give priority to your audience.

9. Work with other YouTubers to promote each other's channel.  Again these two together make some co-branded videos.

10. Find and interact with the Creator Dashboard and Analytics.  And ask them to share the video in your community.


How do I open a YouTube account?

Answer: Very easy, create a Gmail account.  Log in to YouTube with this account.  There you will find 'Create Channel'.  Create your own channel through it.  Add a nice profile picture and cover photo.  And upload any footage created with your camera.  Yes, 50 percent of your work is ready.

I uploaded the video but the money is not coming.

Answer: You need to 'monetize' your video to make money.  Click on YouTube's Video Manager, or a list will appear in the side, click on Channel-e, there you will find Monetization.  From here you have to activate your account.  (It is not possible to specify how to activate, try it yourself and follow the steps).

Can I upload a video?

Answer: You can upload all videos but not all videos.  Video or audio from another movie or TV, even if your video contains someone else's video or audio, will not be monetized, YouTube may block you immediately if you wish, and you may never use your name in the future.  Can't open AdSense account.  Can't

I took a video of a singer singing at a party in the neighborhood, can I upload it?

Answer: In this case the video is your own, but since the audio belongs to someone else, you can't monetize it.  Be careful, even if you sing someone else's song, YouTube won't accept it.

How much money can be earned?

Answer: There is no correct answer.  View is the main source of income from YouTube.  The more views a video has, the more revenue that video will generate.  However, earning से 1 to 5 5 per thousand monetized ideas is possible.

What is the monetization scenario?

Answer: Suppose the ad that appears in your video is within 1 minute.  This time your video has been viewed 5000 times but about 3000 of them would have watched your video in less than 1 minute.  Then your monetized view will be only 2 thousand despite 5 thousand ideas.  The only person whose account can see how monetized the view is by clicking on 'Analytics'. 

When is it possible to make money?

Answer: It takes two to three days for your AdSense application to be approved.  Once approved, your income starts.

When will I get the money?

Answer: Unless your income level is 100, you will not get money.  If it is 100, then a letter from Google will come to your house and it will have a code number. With that code number you have to give your bank account details i.e. bank name, account holder name, swift code etc.  Your name and address in your bank account must match your Gmail account name, otherwise you will not receive this money.  So when opening an account, use the name of the bank account and the address given there.

How soon will the money come?

Answer: YouTube is basically a medium where people share their videos.  This site does not earn initial millions.  So if you open a youtube channel thinking that you will make money then you will be disappointed.  You have to be patient to make money from Youtube.  It may take a year or more to get your first paycheck, but once the payments start coming in and your video is viewed at least 10,000 times a day, trust me, you need more work.  No need to.

Can everyone make money?

Answer: Anyone over the age of eighteen can make money from their own original video.  But how popular Car Video will be depends a bit on your skills and your luck.  There are a lot of people who are earning thousands of rupees every day from pictures of their pet cat and there are also many people who are not able to earn a single dollar by making various videos by themselves.  So if you can manage your youtube account properly then making money from youtube is not impossible.