A guide on how to make money by uploading gaming videos to YouTube

How To Make Money By Uploading Gaming Videos
How To Make Money By Uploading Gaming Videos

More tips on how to work with games, what software to use

1. First you need a high config PC, Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 8GB is better, and 2GB graphics card, 1 tera byte hard disk

2. Software required, you can use FRAPS or Camtasia, Power Director, Bandycam to record your skin, you can have a video camera if you want to make your own video, and you can record your sound.  And you can make your channel popular.  The stars will get the visuals and many will get the audio city for audio editing.

3. Video editing software, if you are a beginner, you can use Windows Movie Maker Camtasia, and if you want to give a more professional look to your game footage you can use Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects  You can use.  You will find tutorials on YouTube How to Edit Videos

4. When you have everything in hand, it's your turn to play the game. Do you want to play the game?  The most popular games right now are FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Skyrim and Lego games.

5. When your game is also selected, it's your turn to play and record, it's your turn to review the game, then it's your turn to edit and upload to YouTube, and for those of you with gaming  They will match 2 - 3 people, one person will do the video editing, the other will do the audio editing, the other optimize the YouTube channel well, and when you're done, make a schedule of when and what to do  ,

6. It's all done, now you will say that I play games but I can't see, why my video doesn't have views?  The answer to this question is that you need to optimize your video, your video should be of HD quality, at least 720p and 1080p is better, then the audience you have will share it in more places if they  Like it, and when you upload video you should give good title, tags, disc correction and share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Dailymotion, you will get good views, and when you share your voice  If you do, you should try to speak in English.  good income

Some Suggestions:

When you make a video, you try to entertain the people there, this will increase the popularity of your channel.

Never copy other people, try to do it yourself.

Make very good and HD quality video then your viewer will see your full video.

Many people can make bad comment in your comment box and you will take it in a positive way.

When you edit the video, try to introduce the video and it will be very useful to fill the scene.

Putting another video on top of another video in your channel means that using an indie screen or extension will increase your views. 

And last but not least, never stop making videos