Tips for healthy hair in winter

Tips for healthy hair in winter

Healthy scalp hair plays an important role in facial beauty.  Hair care is a bit difficult during the winter.  A little carelessness at this point can even be fatal for some women.

The winter season is also said to be a bad time for women with thick hair.  Dandruff, dry or brittle hair, hair fall and split ends are common at this time.  Experts say that climate change affects hair as well as skin.  Complaints of dry hair are common at this time.  The hair needs special care at this time.  Through this article, we are talking about common hair problems in winter and ways to avoid them.

 How is your hat?

Hair breakage in winter is not a matter of their care.  It also depends on what you wear on your head to avoid the onset of winter.  Sometimes wrapping a scarf or wearing a wool cap can cause hair to get stuck and break.  Wear a silk scarf to prevent hair loss.

 Damage due to the use of heaters

People often use heaters to get rid of the cold.  Using a heater can increase the dryness of your hair.  It would be better if you reduce the use of heaters.  Use extra deep conditioner once a week to reduce dryness in the hair.  Also, use a hair product that maintains moisture levels in your hair.

 Avoid using curling irons

Some women use an iron, blow dryer or curling iron to dry or style their hair.  Avoid using these for drying hair as it increases the problem of hair dryness with the help of curling iron etc.  Also keep in mind that your hair should be completely dry before wearing the scarf.

Remedy to prevent hair loss

Shampoo should not be used too much on hair during winter.  Excessive use of shampoo results in dryness of the scalp and breakage of hair. 

If the hair is tangled, use a wide toothed comb to fix it.  Now apply honey on the hair roots and wrap it with a towel for 30 minutes.  Now wash them in lukewarm water.  Using honey will add shine to your hair.

The use of olive oil in winter makes the hair healthy.  Heat two teaspoons of olive oil and massage into the hair roots.  It retains moisture in the hair roots and will break down your hair less.

Keep hair tied as much as possible.  During the winter, if you make a bun or top knot, your hair will be protected from the effects of the cold wind.

Massage with lemon juice and coconut oil at night to avoid dandruff.  Leave on overnight.  Wash your head with Shikakai Shampoo in the morning.  Get rid of dandruff.

Always use branded oils for hair massage.  What are the nutrients in oil before you buy it?