10 Blog Niches That Get Good Traffic and Make Good Money: Viral Blog Niches

Are you wondering to start a blog? Do you want to create a blog that get good traffic? Do you want to earn money from your blog? Of course you do!
Confused of being choosing a best blog niche or blog niche which get good traffic. Don’t worry you’re definitely not a single person who is having this problem.
Choosing a perfect blog niche is one of the hardest task to start a successful blog that drives insane traffic.
Being a newbie it’s obvious that you’re struggling with million ideas with infinite niches bouncing around your head to start a blog. Which niche would be be best to get good traffic to earn money from blog.
We’re all struggling on blogging just to make money. A blog with no income potential has no point in starting a blog.
To monetize a blog and earn money from it we need to drive good traffic and for good traffic it’s necessary to pick a good blog niche which gets good traffic.
Not all blogging niche gets good traffic. So, it’s very much crucial step just from the beginning to pick a perfect niche.
It’s fine to start a blog with no real focus, if you are just enthusiast about blogging and don’t want to monetize your blog. However, if you’re planning to quit your present job and earn a decent money from your money blog you need to choose a profitable blog niche that makes money.
And if you’re still struggling with how to come up with a profitable blog nicheDon’t worry in this tutorial you will be provide with 10 best blog niches that get good traffic to make moneyLet’s dive in!
Pro Tip: If you want to earn good money from your money blog then treat it like your most dearest girlfriend/boyfriend. Don’t just post random shits in your blog. Nurture your blog, take care of it. At the end your blog will pay you back everything as you did.
Below i have listed 10 Most Profitable blog niches based on keyword difficulty and average monthly searches. If you have interest other than the above listed 10 profitable blog niche you can use Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and Kwfinder to find the best blogging niche.
Pro Tip 
  • Use Google Keyword Planner to check: average monthly searches for the particular keyword.
  • Use Google Trends to check: search trend of the particular  keyword for last one year or more. Also, you check search trend of a particular keyword in particular GEO.
  • Use Kwfinder to check: keyword difficulty, search result and organic competitors.

1. Funny Status and Video (Humor)

Funny status and Funny video is a huge niche on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and other social media. It’s an instant viral niche, which gets viral mostly by whatsapp or other sharing tools. It’s no wonder that you also can make huge money by a Funny Status and Video blog.
Faking News, is an Indian based regional funny blog which shares funny memes and videos by blending Indian politics and Pop culture.
Faking News is the live example of creating a successful website targeting mass traffic with less competition.
So, choosing a funny niche would be the most profitable blog niche to earn good money by blogging. Since, funny niche is less competitive and it gets good traffic, we listed Funny (Humor) blogging niche in the first place.

How to earn money from Funny Blog?

For Funny Blog you can double your revenue both from YouTube as well from your blog.
You all know How to earn money from YouTube! By uploading your funny video on youtube you can earn money from google adsense for video contents.
Same video can be embed on your blog post, and you can monetize your blog post by google adsense for contents.
Resulting you can double your earning both from YouTube also from your blog.

2. Educational (e-learning)

The internet has completely changed the way we learn new things. In this new Digital Internet Era computer has changed the method of learning new things.



Now with the use of a Mobile Phone or Computer we can google any query with detailed graphical, Video and explained lectures.
Since, education is vital and now students were more interested in e-learning Education niche would be best to start a blog.
With the revolution of low priced Android smartphones, now internet is accessible to most of the remotest areas and lesser developed parts of the world.
As a result of this huge demand for online learning content, e-learning has emerged as one of the most profitable blog niches.

If you can create a blog that focuses on helping people learn a new skill online – it can turn into a huge money-maker for you.

MathZAG is a blog which is based on educational niche, being a new blog with quality blog posts and easy to accessible Math Puzzles, Riddles, Science Facts and Math Explained Tutorial owner of this blog is generating good money. 

A blog with quality educational topics is always liked by all sections of age groups. Also, students always search for instant ready made answers. So, if you’re able to create a blog with descriptive educational contents you can generate good traffic which will lead you to earn good money from your blog.

How to earn money from Educational Blog?

There were lots of options available for an education blogger to earn good money on education niche.
  1. If you’re expertise on a particular subject you can create an ebook and sell that ebook on your blog.
  2. You can start premium services to teach via Skype charging $10/Hour or more.
  3. You can create an online private community for students. Where you will provide premium notes and lectures and in return you can charge some amount from the students.
  4. You can monetize your tutorial videos using Adsense both on youtube also that video can be embed on your blog post.
  5. You can monetize your blog with Adsense or other ad networks.
Seeing such a wide prospective we listed education niche as one of the most profitable blogging niche. We are suppose to list education niche on #1 but due to huge effort and skill which it requires to build a good blog is much more than that of (Humor) Funny niche. That’s why we listed Education in #2.

3. Travel

Being Human, adventure is in our blood. Our four fathers evolved in Africa and in search of adventure they spread all over the world. Now technology became so advanced that people were going to moon for Honeymoon. 😎
Any people in the world loves travelling and it provides us joy enhances our adrenaline. So, making a documentary travel blog is one of the most profitable blog niche to drive quality traffic and earn good money online.
One of my friend Joe Cairns from Canada is running a travel blog named The Great Wander which is a new blog. Though blog is new but due to his awesome documentary Photos and Videos he made his blog viral and earning a passive income from his blog. He starts his blog from scratch and turned it into a profitable business. Check out his blog TheGreatWander.
A blog with quality Photographs and Videos of beautiful unseen places is always loved by visitors. A blog with quality photographs and documentary videos can get tons of traffic. So, if you’re able to create a blog with in-depth documentary of a wonderful place you can catch quality traffic and earn passive money. Measuring the competitiveness of the keyword and search trend we suggest Travel niche is one among the most profitable blog niche to earn good money by blogging.

How to earn money from a travel blog?

There were lots of options available to earn good money from a travel blog. If you are a travel blogger you can earn money by following the above methods:
  1. Sponsored reviews: If you are able to grab some internet attention you will get lots of sponsorships. Sponsored article either by Video or Just a blog post can make you to earn (1,000-100,000$) depending upon the subject you’re sponsoring.
  2. Selling Photos and Videos: Being a travel blogger you dive in different unknown places and clicks some of the most eye chanting photos and videos. If you are a travel travel blogger you can sell you stock photographs on any photo selling site or you can offer your photographs for free and exchange a valueable backlink to your linking post.
  3. Ebook: With your travel diary memory you can create ebook and sell that on your blog.
  4. Affiliate Marketing: Having a travel blog you can start affliate marketing. Ex. Selling Air Tickets by offering good discounts.
  5. Monetize by Google Adsense: You can monetize both your text and video contents using google adsense.

4.   Cooking (Food)

Cooking is one of the most viral niche on Pinterest and Youtube. Since, it gets viral  over internet  potential of earning from your blog is maximum.
Mostly women loves recipes and tries to experiment new recipes over internet.
If you have a good cooking blog, with lots of yummy recipes and detailed how-to cooking articles including video tutorials. All Females gonna fall in love with your blog, and your blog will get good traffic in just few weeks.
A cooking blog gets lots of followers over Pinterest and Youtube, resulting it gets viral soon.
If you have talent of mixing up spices and reproducing them into tasty dish you should start a cooking blog to show-off your talent. A new recipe on internet gets viral very shortly.
Since, mostly all females loves cooking. By showcasing their talent in their regular time would be the best choice to earn good money by staying at home for housewives.
Looking at it’s popularity and keyword difficulty we placed cooking niche in the #4 place. So, choosing a cooking niche would be the most profitable blog niche to earn good money online.

How to earn money from cooking blog?

There were lots of options available to earn good money from a cooking (Food) blog. If you are a Food blogger you can follow up the above mentioned methods to earn good money:
  1. Ebook: Based on your knowledge publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle store. If your cooking article has power to catch one’s eye definitely you can earn huge money by selling your premium recipes.
  2. Affiliate: You can start affiliate the products which you use for cooking on your blog. If anyone buys any products visiting your link you earn money.
  3. Monetizing: You can monetize your blog post (Video and Article) by google adsense or other ad publishing network.

5.   Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness is one of the massive viral blogging niche which gets tons of traffic. It is one of those tricky niche which gets good traffic if it used wisely.
One of the reason behind being a huge blogging niche is because of it’s huge varied market place. Whether you consider health care, fitness (GYM, Yoga etc.),  supplements, medicine (Alopathy, Homeopathy), diet plan, well being etc – all these falls under the shed of ‘Health and Fitness’ blogging niche.
Such diverse vast opportunities makes “Health and Fitness” as the most Profitable blogging niche.

How to earn money from Health (Fitness) Blog?

For a Health (Fitness) Blog there were vast opportunities available to generate good money from the blog.
Since, Fitness (Health) niche is huge  earning potential is also huge. There were lots of options available to generate revenue from a Fitness blog.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: It’s easy to generate god money from Fitness blog through affiliate products. If you are able to provide solutions to a problem you can earn passive income from amazon affiliate products. Since, your visitors were actively searching for solutions. So, earning potential is huge for a Fitness niche.
  2. Sponsorship: If you’re able to drive good traffic in your blog by writing perfect SEO friendly post you can get sponsored articles, products etc. Which can lead you to earn 1000-10000$ depending upon the product you’re sponsoring.
  3. e-book: If you are specialized in any topic relating Health and Fitness, you can publish an ebook and sell that on your blog. Which can lead you to earn good money from your blog.
  4. Monetize: By monetizing your blog with google adsense or any other advert publisher program you can earn good money from your blog.
  5. Personal Paid Trainer: If you are expert in any particular niche as of Yoga, GYM etc. you can train people by taking a minimum fee.
Thus, if you are able to provide quality information with supportive solution you can gain traffic, which will lead you to earn good money from different source from your blog. That’s why health (Fitness) niche is one of the best blogging niche for the starters.

6.   Review

Review blogging niche is one of the vast and most popular blogging niche on internet now a days. Review blogging niche is one of the HUGE blogging niche which gets good traffic also earning potential is also HUGE in review blogging niche.
Now a days before buying anything either from online or offline people prefer to check it’s review full specs and un-boxing. If you are able to provide quality review of particular selective trending items, you can earn thousand of dollars everyday.

How to earn from Review blogging niche?

Since review niche is HUGE earning potential is also huge for this blogging niche. Since, review can be of anything you can add particular page for particular reviews or you can pick a separate sub niche to create a blog.
There were lots of options to earn from a review blogging niche. They were listed below:
  1. Sponsored Post: Since now a days everyone is promoting their products online for better sale. If you are able to catch quality traffic, sellers will ask you to promote their product on your website. By promoting their product on your website you can earn good money.
  2. Amazon affiliate: You can earn HUGE money from amazon affiliate with your website. Pick some of the most trending products and write a good review and insert your affiliate link. If anyone buys any product by clicking your affiliate link you will get a small commission from the seller. Which is a good way to earn money from your blog.
  3. Google Adsense: Additional to amazon affiliate and sponsored post you can monetize your traffic by google adsense which will lead you to earn good money.
  4. Sell your Products: If you are seller or you want to start selling your products online you can promote your products through your website. Where 100% revenue is yours.

Also, there were many other tricks as of you can make videos on review and upload that on youtube which will lead you to earn double revenue. One from your ads on youtube second if anyone clicks and buys your item you got the commission. Thus, seeing lots of earning potentials from a review blog, I listed review as one of the most profitable blogging niche to earn good money from blog.

7.   Parenting

Parenting is a profitable niche to earn HUGE money from blogging. This a  universal blogging niche – because moms are everywhere! Just think about it – now a days there are 1000’s of stores dedicated to newborns babies and childrens.
Most of the new daddy and momys search for online solution for their newly born babies or baby about to born. If you are about to provide quality information from a parenting blog earning potential is huge for this blogging niche. Since, mommy’s were everywhere!

How to earn from Parenting blog?

  1. Ebook: Being a mom or dad you faced lots of challenges, learned many new things before and after your baby’s birth. You can compress your knowledge in the form of ebook. Which you can sell in your blog by taking a minimal charge. Resulting you can earn good money from Parenting blogging niche.
  2. Amazon Affiliate:
  3. Google Adsense: After writing 15-20 quality posts on your blog you can apply for google adsense. Within 48 hrs google engineers will review your blog and your blog will be approved for google adsense. Which will lead you to monetize your every single traffic. Resulting you can earn good money from your blog.
  4. Selling direct product: Additionally you can sell any baby products online in your blog. Which will lead you to earn 100% revenue of a particular product.
Thus, seeing lots of earning potentials we listed Parenting niche as one of the most profitable blogging niche to earn money from blogging.

8.   How To Make Money

One of the most searched term on internet is “How to make Money”, and creating a blog by picking this niche is the most profitable blog niche to drive HUGE traffic and earn money online.
Since, everybody wants to earn money. Tediously searching by millions to startup their business and earn money. It’s the most profitable blog niche to drive traffic and earn money online.
Everyone is searching for solutions and tricks to generate revenue. If you have any such trick which worked for you give a try, share this trick with the world through your blog. I recommend you. Soon you blog will start driving massive traffic. But tricks have to be genuine.
Most of the blogger start this niche with fake tricks for driving traffic. Resulting traffic doesn’t last forever, ultimately a time comes when people boycott those sites. Write genuine tricks which worked for you obviously blog will grow and you can generate huge revenue.
Everyone is busy to find a way to earn money, even we’re struggling on our blog to generate revenue by driving traffic. So, choosing a topic “How to earn money” as a blogging niche would be the most profitable blog niche to earn money.

How to earn from Earning niche?

  1. Adsense or any Publisher advert programme.
  2. Ebook.

9.   Lifestyle

A lifestyle blog is a blog with multi-topic blog niches. Lifestyle covers different sub blogging niches which targets  – parenting, travel, relationships, cooking, college kids, pet lovers, etc. Many expert blogger thinks that it’s impossible to generate income from a multi-topic blog niche. But it’s not true. Some lifestyle niche bloggers are there who were generating 1000’s of dollars from lifestyle blogging.

How to earn from Lifestyle Blog?

Earning potential is huge in lifestyle blogging since it covers different sub niches. Previously, i have mentioned different blog niches most of them fall under this niche. Resulting earning potential also increases with the increase of sub niches.
There were tons of opportunities are there to generate revenue from a Lifestyle blog niche. Some of them were listed below.
  1. Amazon affiliate.
  2. eBook.
  3. Google Adsense.
  4. Direct Selling.
  5. Direct Paid Service. etc
Seeing lots of earning potentials we added lifestyle blog niche as one of the most profitable blog niche. If you follow up the above tips and tricks you can earn HUGE money online from Lifestyle Blogging.

10. Religious Blog

Many people go online not to only solve a problem, but also to connect their souls on a deeper level strengthen their way of life. One of this niche is blogging niche.
If you’re expertise in any religious activity or deep level of religious knowledge you can start a religious blog.
Why I add “Religious Blog” as most profitable blog niche is because, it’s still a fresh niche. Still competition in this niche is minimum and traffic is maximum. So, earning potential is huge for this niche and i personally believe this as most profitable blog niche to earn money online.

How to earn from “Religious” Blog?

  1. Adsense.
  2. Ebook.
  3. Affiliate Marketing.

These were the 10 most profitable blog niches to drive quality traffic and earn money online.

Starting a Profitable Blog

All the above 10 blogging niches which I enlisted were the top trending blog niches to drive quality traffic. The ranking of the above niches were based on keyword difficulty and search trends. All the niche keywords have good search volume and low ranking difficulty, which means you can easily rank those keywords in your blog to drive traffic. In the above 10 niches there were some common threads those who earning money by picking those profitable blog niches:

1. They Love What They Write About

You may think that they’re monetizing their passion…! Obviously they have to equalize their effort. But for them earning money from blog is secondary. They loves blogging, for them blogging is their passion that’s why they just blog and ultimately a time comes when they succeed and earn huge money from blogging.

2. They Know About What They Are Talking About

These bloggers know the topics very well what they are blogging about. They are expertise in the above fields, either they had experienced with them or have picked it up along the way.
Pro Tip: Don’t choose a blog niche by checking search trend. Blog about the topic in which you’re really expertise on. For a short term blog you can create a blog by picking good search trend niche but for long term blogging you won’t succeed. Write about in which you’re really expert on so that it would last long unless sooner it will lost somewhere in the crowd.

3. They Found Something in Common

Many of these blogs are about universal topics – how to earn money, educational, health, travel, parenting, travel, cooking. While there are thousands of blogs in these “common” niches, you can stand out from all of them easily – share your experiences!

4. Affiliate Marketing Was a Common Monetization Strategy

You may feel pressured to create an eBook and publish it to your blog or any kindle store, but the majority of bloggers just blog and do affiliate marketing. Many bloggers solely depend on affiliate marketing and they make a living by doing this.

5.They were confident about their work

One of the most important rule in blogging field is to be confident on what you write and publish. If you write randomly anything people won’t appreciate your work resulting you wont get visitors. You may think of copy and paste other articles, reminding you if you do so your site will be banned by google. Moral of the story – You have to be enough educated about what you’re blogging about, unless you can’t be confident about your work.


Don’t just blog for money. If you’re creating blog to earn money leave it….you won’t succeed. You might be wonder that from this blog I generate very minimum revenue (negligible) though am blogging. Even this blog is not my primary blog, I created this blog just to share my blogging knowledge what i earned so far.
Before spending my money on buying domain and creating this blog i know i can’t earn more. But still am spending hours to write post because i love blogging.
Start a blog only if you’re really passionate about blogging. Otherwise, later you will curse yourself for spending hours. Choice is your’s advice is mine!
Lastly! if you have any suggestion or query about this blog niches either to create a blog or to earn money from blogging you can comment below in the comment section. We’re ready to help you for your query. If am able to provide you some quality knowledge to pick a profitable blog niche to drive good traffic and earn money share this post on all social media’s so that other can be helped too and give a click on GOOGLE AD so that atleast $0.01 can be generate from this post. Thank you!

How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles In Blogger

Optimization of blog posts is very important to achieve higher ranking in search engines

One of the best ways to rank articles in google and generate quality organic traffic for the newly published article is to make them search engine friendly.

As a blogger when you write any new article, your article should be optimizing your blog post in such a way that its easy to understand for the search engine as well as for blog readers.

In my previous I wrote a detailed article relating various methods to Generate Backlinks like Guest Posting, Web 2.0, Commenting on other blogs and commenting on forums.

All these were OFF Page SEO techniques, of course, they do notable help to rank any article in google but if you write a quality content with proper optimization you can rank on the first page in google without having any backlinks.

SEO optimized blogs and articles are a really very important part for any online business when looking to drive (organic) traffic to your blogger site.

Knowing how to write an article that will rank on the first page is one of the toughest yet a simple task.

Search engines are the best source to get traffic, though we can get traffic from social media and from the other blogs, in the long run, the only search engine will help you to get traffic from old posts.

Since Blogspot blogger doesn’t offer any SEO plugin to track SEO count of a blog post while writing as of WordPress like Yoast SEO, all SEO process in manual in blogger. 
Though with some little SEO knowledge you also can rank higher your article using blogger.

Google has algorithms which automatically rank your article on the basis of quality and information provided in the article. Google doesn’t have any human workers to look after every single post whenever we publish any new article on our blog.

Google crawls our site by sending web spiders and they fetch information on the basis of various information provided into the article in the form header tags, meta tags, permalink structure etc. and tells Google whether your article is useful or useless, which decides ranking position in google.

Now it is the time to learn how to write SEO friendly article in blogger.

How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Article In Blogger

For writing a perfect SEO optimized blog post, I dug out 7 best working tips for Blogspot blogger user, which really works for me to rank my blog posts in google. So let’s get into the tutorial and see how to write a well-optimized blog post in blogger.

Keyword Research

The first and foremost task towards writing a perfect SEO optimized article is keyword researchIf you’re going to write a new article on your site, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of your effort.
Find out which keywords and phrases that people were searching for (ex. use google autocomplete and google suggestionsand select the best keywords and phrases which you think you can bang on and write a list of keywords that you are looking to target and then go to Google Keyword Planner(free) or semrush(paid) and from the list choose the keyword which is low competitive and have at least 1000+ searches.
  • How to do keyword research?
  • How to increase page load time to rank higher in Google?
  • 10 Best Off Page SEO tricks to rank higher in Google.
Every blogger must do some keyword research before writing an article. The best trick to get handy is by choosing a great LSI keyword. The truth behind whether or not your content will rank were lies behind the keywords that you select. 
If you are looking to compete for high competitive keyword poor backlinks you’re wasting your time. There are many keyword research tools on the internet (Free + Paid) which will help you to find the best low/medium competition keyword to rank on google.
  • 10 Best Keyword Research tools.
  • How to compete for a high competitive keyword with 0 backlinks?
  • How to find the best low competitive keyword to rank higher on Google?
Google officially provides a keyword planner (Adwords) to get highly optimized and profitable keywords, which is designed for advertisers but a blogger can also use this feature for free. Keyword research is the main goal to write perfect SEO-optimized articles in blogger.

Write SEO Friendly Post Title 

The basic step towards writing a perfect SEO-optimized article in blogger is to optimize a post title for readers as well as for search engines
  • How to optimize a post title for readers as well as for search engines
A post title should be short, catchy and having focus keyword on it so that search engines could relate to what your post is about.
  • How to add the right focus keyword to the post title.
  • Best keyword placement strategy for a perfect SEO optimised article.
In latest googles update, Google bots love titles having LSI keywords. Try to find the perfect variation of LSI keywords which should be catchy as well relate your content and add that as your post title. A catchy post title having LSI keywords not only impress search bots to rank higher your article but also it increases CTR of your post.
  • How to get a perfect LSI keyword to rank higher in google?
  • How to increase CTR of any blog post in the search result.
So from now onwards before writing an article make sure to add a great SEO friendly title to rank your article higher in google.

Publish High-Quality Contents

To optimize a post for search engines it is necessary to add keywords but what more important is to provide value-added information to the readers through your article. 
  • How to rank a content without making keyword stuff?
When you write an article thinking about search bots naturality of your article gets reduced, resulting your post may get ranked on google but when visitors will read your article they will just leave your site resulting your bounce rate will increase and Google will throw you back on the archive.
And if you write an article without thinking about keywords and other SEO factors you will end up producing the best natural content possible. Because you didn’t write that article thinking about search bots.
Though adding keywords in an article is necessary to reach your article to the readers, same as you have to keep in mind that the addition of keywords should sound like the natural. So that naturally should be felt by the readers after reading your content.
You have to design your article in such a way that it should be keyword rich with at most 2-3% of keyword density. Also, it must be 1500 words or above. Because Google loves to serve well-defined article for their visitors. 
  • How to write a long article above 1500 words?
If you haven’t started writing long posts, then I recommend you to start right ahead. It’s a good practice that will force you to dig much more in depth of that particular topic, which in most of the times will make you learn something new.
  • Best tips to write a long post.
Also, you should use formatting in your article like using bold, Italicunderline and colouration of text to highlight some important points. It will help your readers to draw attention through the entire article and even if they didn’t read the entire article, they would be able to picturise a clear idea relating whatever you wrote.
  • How to properly use formatting in a blog post?


A solid way to write long posts is to search for the topic that you want to write about and mix all the information what is present in top 10 results, note it down in a notepad and use your creativity to create an awesome SEO optimized article. All you have to keep in mind is the post which you write should be value-rich. If you do this, Google will rank you high.

Keyword Placement

Keyword placement determines the SEO score of any highly optimised article. According to Moz your focus keyword should be within the first 150 words in your article.
  • What is focus keyword?

You should place your focus keyword on –

  1. Post Title.
  2. First Paragraph.
  3. Inside all Header Tags (H2, H3,….H6).
  4. Image Alt Tag.
  5. Post Footer.
  6. Labels.
  7. Permalink.
  8. Search Description.

Pro Tip- Do some research. Search your relevant article on Google and check the top-ranked article and try to construct your article like of them.

Header Tags

Proper use of Header tags is very important to rank any blog post in google. Header tag helps search bots to better understand what your article is about. 
There were 6 header tags in total namely H1H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. Every header tags has its own importance. Though it’s recommended to use only  H1H2, H3 tags in a blog page. 
Let’s dig out the use of H1H2, H3 tags in an article.
H1 Tag- For SEO point of view, there should be only one H1 tag in a page. Now, H1 Tag is your post title. For the blogger, your post title is your Header Tag (H1).
H2 Tag- H2 Tag is the Heading Tag in your article. You can relate Heading Tag with sections. 
H3 Tag- H3 Tag is the Semi-Heading Tag in your article. You can relate semi heading tag with semi section. 
Example: Asia (H1) > India (H2) > Delhi (H3)
Pro Tip- If you writing your article in HTML mode then don’t ever use the H1 tag in your article because H1 is your post title. You can as many H2 or H3 tags in your article and use of H2 and H3 tags in an article is recommended for search engines.


Optimize Images


Image optimization is a vital process to write a perfect SEO friendly article. 

Adding an image in an article is a very crucial step to write a perfect readers choice article. Since an image can draw readers attention and distracts them to get bored to read a long article.

Since an image speaks a 1000 words than that of an article, so it’s the most important task to optimise image both for readers as well as for search engine.

Now, search bots cannot read images so we have to add some additional information to make your image SEO optimized. To optimise image we have to follow some important steps so that your image should rank in google images.

  • Compress image sizeA compressed image makes a blog load faster and a faster blog ranks higher in the search engine. You can use any image compression software or you can compress your image online.
  • Rename ImageWhenever you upload any new image in your blog post it’s a very crucial step to rename the image. Suppose you are writing an article relating “Best Math Puzzle 2018” then for thumbnail the image which you will use its title should be “Best Math Puzzle 2018“. Resulting URL of your image will be “Best-math-puzzle-2018” which will help you to rank higher in google images.
  • Use Alt Tag and Title TagAfter uploading the image on your blog you have to add title and alt tag so that search could read what your image is about. For adding Alt Tag and Title Tag click on image > Properties > add a catchy Title and  Alt Tag inside the Box.


Use Bold, Italic and Colouration of Texts

It’s important to use bold, italic and colouration of texts in a blog post. Most of the pro blogger recommends the use of bold, italic and colour text in a blog post enhances SEO. Also, highlighted texts draw reader attention. Readers who were in hurry to read a long article, they also can grab some ideas from the article which uses Bold, Italic and colouration of texts.


In blogger, a tag is called as a label. Since we know tag helps to relate categories and helps an article to rank for different keywords
It’s recommended to use related focus keywords in labels. A label helps to group your blog posts and acts as a category


Permalink plays a vital role to rank higher in google. In Blogger you have the option to change permalink your blog post with your own style.
With just some little tweaks with your permalink, your blog post can rank higher in google.
By default, blogger takes permalink from your post title. 
Example – How to lose belly fat in 30 days? 
By default it’s permalink would be like
[which is a very bad example of a proper SEO optimized permalink]
You can change this default permalink into an SEO optimised custom permalink by changing permalink from default to custom.
To change permalink click permalink > choose custom from default.
The best example of an SEO friendly permalink is-
  • How to choose the best permalink structure to rank higher on google?

Now, the main question is which word to keep and which word to remove from Permalink.

So the answer is, we have to stop certain words from adding to our post title and permalink and those words were called stop words. Stop words should be neglected on Permalink. Because Google neglects to stop words. 

Below there is a list of all stop words, which I recommend you to download and keep that file on your computer and use your Permalink and post title accordingly.

  • List of all stop words.

Pro tip- Do some research before posting your article on google. Search your post title on Google and check the Permalink structure of top rankers and add your Permalink wisely.

Meta Description


Just by writing a quality content is not enough to rank in the heavy competitive search engine like google. For proper optimization, meta description plays a vital role both in terms of SEO and CTR of an article.
A meta description is the search description which search engines display to the reader when they first see your article in google.
Writing a quality meta description is important both for readers as well as for search engines. You must optimize your meta description in such a way that when visitors see your article for the first time they should be forced to click your post.
A quality meta description not only draws readers attention but also a quality meta description enhances total SEO of a blog post.
A quality meta description includes –
  • Focus keyword in the description.
  • The description should be meaningful and condensed with all related search keywords.
  • The description should be within 150 words.
If a blog post is equipped with a quality meta description, chances are it may get displayed on the first page of Google for multiple keywords.
[Note: If you don’t write a meta description for your blog post-Google will automatically grab the beginning 100-150 words of your content as a search description.]


The last step for an SEO optimized article is to interlink your old posts to the recent
  • Benefits of interlinking of Blog Posts.
In SEO terminology interlinking is the main key to SEO. Also, interlinking helps in building relevancy of a  page to a keyword or phrase for which you are linking your article. Also, when you interlink your old post to the recent post there is an added benefit is Google recrawls your previous posts which enhances SEO of the blog post.
So this is an in-depth tutorial for writing a Perfect SEO-Optimised article In Blogger.
Being a Blogspot blogger, I also faced many challenges. Last but not the least experimenting different things these tricks worked for me to optimise my article.
I recommend each and every single Blogspot newbies to follow these definitely it will work for you. I bet you follow these steps surely you will see a magical change within a short period.
I tried my best to provide you with the best source of information to write a perfect SEO optimised article in blogger. Now it’s your turn to put magic in your article.
Hope that my article helped you to gain some knowledge to optimise your article in blogger. If so, share this article on Facebook and other social media and leave a comment below. Let me know how this article helped you to boost your blog traffic 🙋