About Kumar

Hello Friends, I am the founder of this site and author of this website, I have created this website to solve the small and big problem of the people which is related with technology or other problem about internet.

I am a student, I am a tricker in which I salvaged  people with all kinds of technology. I have been introsed in the technology world, I have stepped into the internet and since then till now, whatever things I have learned or have done in my life till now, all these things will reach you through this website.

I want to share my knowledge with you people, I am glad to help with the help of the people, as I was thinking at the same time that people can remember me and I can also earn some income with them,

Actually, I wanted to do something that would help me free the people and instead of not accepting a money from any of the people, I can reduce money through this medium. Now you are not confused, I will not take money from the people. I'll take you from the big company's advertisements and earn money from them, you just keep your love.

Friends, I am a boy belonging to a lower middle class. I have been very interested in blogging since the beginning.

It is also nice to know about many big bloggers, that I should start blogging too. So that can also be shared with technology related trickes.

And finnally I started blogging. And hopefully all of you would get technology from our blog with the related help.


I am Kumar. You must know my name.

I am a resident of Bangladesh. But to stay I live in Dhaka.
I live with my family here.
Inflexion was intrest from childhood in technology.
But all these things were not given to the boy in the village in Dhaka.
When I came to Dhaka, I took the mobile and started blogging in 2019.
Good blogging is great
I do not want to become a teacher, but to become a friend, I want to learn the texts related to technology.
I want to be ahead of all in India Technology
And hopefully this will definitely be done.my passion is blogging and I am full time blogger on this site.