Photoshop License Key: Serial Key List of Photoshop cs6

Photoshop Licence Key

Adobe Photoshop CS6  is one of the most popular photo editing software available on the market. More than a billion people in the world were using Adobe Photoshop CS6 but not all of them were able to access Adobe Photoshop CS6 because of “Photoshop license keys. Since, Photoshop is a paid software, most of the users don’t want to spent their bucks to buy Photoshop License Key. So in this post i’m going to offer you list of premium Photoshop license keys for free.

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High CPC Cookie | How To Install Cookies In Firefox For High CPC

Take this article only for education purpose. Don’t misuse, resulting may lead you to ban.

High CPC Cookie In Mozilla Firefox For High CPC Ads

  • Are you in an Click Exchange Programme?
  • Are you doing c4c?
  • Are you trying to export or import cookies in firefox browser for high cpc ads?
Yes…! Well, then this post is for you. In this post you’re going to learn how to install high cpc cookies in mozilla firefox browser to get high cpc ads for c4c. Before digging into the ocean of high cpc cookie it’s important to understand few technical terms relating high cpc cookie for better implementation of codes and better output.

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Adsense Highest CPC [Cost Per Click] Keywords List of SEPTEMBER 2018

Hey! are you just pissed off from getting very low CPC ads by google, searching various methods to increase your adsense revenue. It’s time for you to add Adsense highest paying keywords for your blog to get high cpc upto <$100 per click. In this article, I provided a complete list of all Highest Paying Adsense Keywords of 2018 (updated). List includes highest paying adsense keywords for India too from which you can earn money online more than $100 per click. Read More

How to Remove Powered by Blogger – Attribution Widget ?

Hello Bloggers, welcome again to a brand new web design tutorial onHow to remove powered by blogger – Attribution widgetfrom blogspot blogger blog. The tutorial will be followed by 3 methods for removing powered by attribution widget providing you step by step detailed screenshots on how you can properly remove “powered by blogger – Attribution widget“. So without wasting time let’s get into the tutorial. Read More

How to remove Quick edit and wrench icon in blogger.

Quick edit (Pencil) and Wrench icon (Screwdriver and Spanner) are the two most inbuilt default feature of Blogspot blogger CMS. Where Quick edit is used to edit any post quickly from the blogger’s homepage and Wrench Icon is used to customize or remove the widgets from the homepage area. Though Quick edit and Wrench icon has a notable advantage in terms of shortcut it provides to manage your posts and widgets from blogger homepage but it has a huge disadvantage too. Quick edit and wrench icon makes your blogger blog looks unprofessional and old. In this tutorial, you are going to learn how you can quickly remove Quick edit and Wrench icon from your blogger blog. Read More